Making The Most Of A City Break

22 February 2020

There’s something inherently romantic about the city break. Taking the time to see and experience life in another place, to enjoy the hustle, bustle, and culture of the city, and to indulge in ways you might not if you actually lived there. Here, we’re going to look at a few tips on how to make the absolute most of your next city break to get the most enriching experience possible.

Do your research

Now, you don’t have to plan out every single day of your itinerary. To a lot of people, that’s simply going to feel much too constrained. You can keep things a little organic, but it’s a good idea to still have a few big stops or visits planned out. Find travel guides for the city you’re visiting, see what spots really grab you, and get some directions on how to get there from wherever you’re staying. As such, you can go whenever you want, but at least you have something to look forward to if the trip starts slowing down a little.

Book a tour

You might have a few places you want to stop, but you might also feel either a little overwhelmed by all of the options or have trouble finding motivation. If that’s the case, then don’t be afraid to book a short tour from teams like Big Bus Tours, or even a walking tour. It will help you hit a lot of the highlights, but it might also help you spot some of the places you would like to get back to again. Nothing wrong with bringing a little pad to jot down some notes.

Get out of the city

Sure, it may sound a little weird to say that leaving the city is one of the best ways to enjoy it. However, it’s true. For cities that don’t have great transport links, you might want to look at services like Ace Rent A Car to make your own way out there. The truth is that most cities have excellent surrounding areas, and it can be nice to take a break with some nature or suburban settings, especially if you feel like the city is getting a little overwhelming.

Take advantage of the moment

Cities are living, breathing, and changing. Rather than experiencing a place, experience a moment. One of the great ways to do this is to look at the upcoming events happening in the city. From parades to festivals to smaller little volunteering days or even live shows, find something that’s transient and that’s not going to stick around together. It’s one of the best ways to get your hands on an experience that’s truly unique to your time in the city.

City break holidays are what you make of them. If you want nothing more than to relax and get pampered, you can certainly find that. There’s an adventure waiting out there for you too if you want that. It’s all up to you and how you plan it.

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