3 Realisations That Can Help to Make Your Life A Lot Less Stressful

14 March 2020

You’ve probably heard that stress kills, and that’s more than just a euphemism.

When you are chronically stressed, your production of the stress hormone cortisol skyrockets – and when this essential hormone is captivated for too long, all sorts of things go wrong in the body, ranging from diminished immune function to organ damage.

Stress is one of those things which is often made worse by the simple fact that you worry about being stressed. But at the same time, certain realisations can help to make your life a lot less stressful without really needing to change much at all.

Here are a few realisations that can help to make your life a lot less stressful.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself

One of the leading causes of chronic stress is a simple belief that it’s necessary to do everything solo – or, at least, the idea that you should attempt to tackle every single potential issue or stumbling block in your life, in a direct, DIY sense. There are a lot of things out there to help the way you are feeling, which will also make you realise that you don't need to do everything on your own. For example, have you looked into weed edibles? They now make these in so many different flavours, so that there is something for everyone to enjoy in order to suppress their stress. These can really make a difference to the way you are feeling, among other options.

If you had a plumbing issue in your home, though, you would likely contact experts such as Pinnacle Plumbing. So, why shouldn’t that principle apply across other dimensions of your life, too?

Consider outsourcing some of your problems, or, (if and when necessary) asking for some help from the people closest to you.

If you try to single-handedly tackle every potential issue, you’re likely to end up being pretty stressed, to say the least.

Many of the awesome and successful people out there are just like you

If you’re insecure for whatever reason, there’s a good chance that you find yourself thinking, from time to time, that the really successful and awesome people in the world just have something that you don’t – that they are, more or less, on a totally different level.

While this may be the case in certain regards (most professional basketball players will be on the tall side, for example), the simple truth is that many of the awesome and successful people out there are just like you, when it comes right down to it. At least, they are in a lot of the most telling ways.

Read some autobiographies, and you’ll discover that many successful people got a late start in life, just about everyone has experienced sorrow and insecurity, and no path in life has been without its fair share of setbacks and failure.

Your perception is always likely to be at least a bit flawed, and there are plenty of new insights still to gather

If you feel as though everything is doom and gloom around you, it can be very helpful to remember the fact that you are just one person, with a limited perception of things – a perception that is influenced by all sorts of factors ranging from your habitual ways of viewing the world, to what you had for breakfast.

Remind yourself that you are not perfectly objective and that your perception is always likely to be at least a bit flawed. Then, remind yourself that there are plenty of new insights out there still to gather.
This realisation can help to keep you from slipping into pessimism, as well as from succumbing to a sense of hopelessness.

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  1. The accepting help is such a huge thing!! this past year I've been trying my best to go against my nature and accept help and it honestly has been helping so much.

    stay safe!
    beijinhos Jessy


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