Home Repair for the Frightened Beginner

14 March 2020

Home repair--eek! That is not the most appealing pair of words. For the un-handy among us, the idea of fixing a sprung leak or tackling a clogged sink is enough to send us packing (elsewhere, hopefully, where the plumbing is tops). Moreover, if you have little to no experience doing any home repair, then the idea of diving in can be a bit overwhelming.

Fear not, dear reader! Today we have some easy-to-apply home repair tips that will get you feeling like the ultimate plumber in no time. Read on for more information on how to fix your place up in a snap.

Clogged Drain?

Clogged drains can put a damper on your day, no doubt. Seeing as the most potent draining solutions on the market are often chock full of caustic chemicals, a quick fix for a clogged drain is not easy to obtain. Fortunately, environmentally-friendly alternatives exist.

So what’s the secret? Alka-Seltzer! Who knew it was good for upset stomachs and the products of such? To get your toilet back in fighting form, drop three tablets down the drain with a cup of white vinegar. After a 15-minute wait, pour some boiling water down the drain to flush anything. Please note that you should wait a few days to try this trick if you have already administered a traditional draining solution.Furthermore, if this does not seem to resolve the issue, then reaching out to a team of licensed plumbers in your area for additional guidance might be necessary.

Smelly Drain?

Even after a clogged drain becomes good as new, the stench of its plugged-up past may linger to haunt the nostrils of all those unlucky enough to come near it. You could probably guess that how to fix smelly drains is next on this list for aspiring handymen (and women!). First, please know that a smelly drain can arise for several reasons: mold, old pipes, rotten food, drain flies, and even tree roots (if you’re in an older house). No matter what farfetched source from which your smelly drain originates, the solution is delightfully mundane.

Similar to solution for clogged drains above, the key to getting a drain smelling fresh again is boiling water and white vinegar. Bring a pot of water and white vinegar to a boil and then pour half of it down the drain. Wait a few minutes, rinse out the sink with cold water, and then pour the rest.

Another handy solution is baking soda and vinegar. The baking soda and vinegar together will neutralise the smell and scrub the sink clean.

Leaky Pipes?

We’re dealing with a lot of liquids today--yikes! A leaky pipe is something you should try to repair ASAP, as it could end up costing you way more money in the long run. First things first: install a water shut off valve. This valve will enable you to fix any leaky pipes in the future with greater ease. Of course, you’ll want to shut off the water in your house before you install it; otherwise, you’ll end up renovating your home into a waterpark. After you decide on the spot, clean out the surrounding pipes, attach, and voila!

Hopefully, you’re feeling ready to tackle some stinky, plugged-up pipes! But we’re hoping even more that you’ve got no such pipes on which to test out your new skills.

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  1. Ahhh thanks for the water and vinegar tip!! ive been having smelly drains for weeks and had no idea how to fix it!! thanksss

    stay safe!
    beijinhos Jessy


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