5 Decorating Tips for a Cozy Winter Home

7 November 2020

The key to winter decorating is about bringing the outside in. A touch of greenery or natural wood really helps to add a little life to your home. You can also try your hand at some DIY upcycling projects, now everyone’s stuck inside during the colder months. Light up the place with a magical holiday theme and create a warm cozy atmosphere. The fall is also the perfect time of year for a good old fashioned decluttering and getting your home tidy for the next season. Here are five decorating tips for a cozy winter home.

Feature fireplace

The winter is the perfect season to highlight your fireplace or mantel if you have one. After all, you’re more likely to be using it at this time of year. Check out some of these striking fireplace design ideas. Decorate your fireplace or mantel with candles and accessories, and rearrange your furniture to make it the focal point of the room. You could even look for paintings of natural scenes in your local thrift store to hang above it.

Bring the outside in

A touch of evergreen is perfect for winter. Bring the outside in by decorating with ferns, flowers, or natural logs. You could try and make this DIY log candle holder. All you need is to collect an old dry log from your yard, or the forest, and drill in holes to insert candles. It only requires a couple of tools and you can create your own unique design.

A touch of winter charm

Add a touch of winter charm. This might mean making your own snowflake themed decorations, or making a centrepiece out of pinecones and other natural elements. Add some warmth with candles or fairy lights. Create a cozy living room with fluffy throws, cushions, and plenty of texture. This will help to create a warm atmosphere and make your home more comforting and welcoming for guests.

Fall decluttering

Fall is the ideal season to finally tackle clutter. You can get on with that clear out you were meant to do during the summer but didn’t have time. If you have a lot to get rid of you could hire Easy Skips to collect any junk for you. Alternatively, you could donate newer unused items to goodwill or advertise them on Freecycle. You’ll be surprised how often one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Be as cutthroat as possible, and only keep hold of things you really need or use.

Upcycled wreaths

If you enjoy making your own decorations have a look at these upcycled wreath ideas. It’s a great way to get rid of old household items and materials and repurposing them into something unique. You could even use old clothing, for example. Make an alternative Christmas wreath this year, and your door will really stand out. Winter is a great time for some indoor craft projects and you could even give them as Christmas presents. Decorate your cozy winter home with something more original this year.

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