6 Features To Make Your Home Truly Unique

5 November 2020

When you move into a house, you want to put your stamp on it and make it truly unique to you and your taste. Decorating your home is a way of showing off your interests and the things you like, but it’s also about making use of the space that you have. Whether you have a lot of space or not much at all, it’s about being creative and adding features that allow you to make the most of the home you live in. In this post, we are going to look at 6 features that will truly make your home unique and interesting. 

Understairs Storage

Most people tend to keep understairs storage for mundane things like old coats that are no longer worn or things that don’t really have a place in the house and you just want to keep them out of sight. But that’s good space that could be used for something more creative such as a dog den so your pooch has a place of their own, or you could use it as a pantry or even a mini cinema for the kids, by simply installing a TV and adding some cushions and fairy lights to make it all cozy. 

Opening Roof

Opening roofs give a whole new meaning to ‘bringing the outdoors inside’. We’re not talking about plants here, we’re talking about a roof system that allows you to control the light, heat, and ventilation. You can have it open when it’s hot and track the sun’s movement and for when it’s wet and cold, simply close the blades.

Smart Coffee Table

A lot of appliances around the home are controlled using smart home technology. From light bulbs, thermostats, speakers, and security cameras amongst other things. Why not go a step further and make your home even more different with a smart coffee table? It has lots of features like LED lighting, USB charging ports, and even a refrigerated drawer for your drinks. 

Kitchen Aquarium

Many homes will have aquariums in them but you can put a unique twist on your house by including one in your kitchen or bathroom. Switch up your kitchen island for an aquarium one instead and add a thick counter with a built-in sink. Or have an aquarium sink in your bathroom which functions just like a normal sink but it’s much more relaxing and makes your home quirky. 

Bookcase Chair

If you are short on space in your home and would love nothing more than a place to sit back and delve into a good book, you should consider creating a bookcase with a built-in chair that you can extract. It’s a quirky and interesting piece of furniture that any book-lover should have in their home. Not only are you saving space as the chair itself can store books, but it’s convenient and effortless too. 

Stained Glass Door

Create your own beautiful stained glass door and put your own touch of creativity in your home. You can select from hundreds of Pantone swatches or simply stick to your own colour scheme to make it truly unique to you and your home. It will look amazing and when the sun shines through you’ll get wonderful reflections of all the colours shining through. 

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