Are These Home Issues Hurting Your Kid's Health?

26 November 2020

Do you ever worry whether your child is safe in your home? You might assume that your home is the safest place for your children, but don’t be so sure. There could be issues here that you are not fully prepared for and that could be a threat to your child’s health. Let’s explore some of these issues and find the right solutions. 

Air Quality

You might also find that there is an issue with the air quality in your home. Dust particulars can fill your home and often without you realising can greatly diminish the quality of the air you live and breathe. Usually, this will be the case if you are not cleaning the home regularly enough. You could consider using a service like 1800 Cleaners to fix this issue if you don’t have a lot of time to tidy up your home. It could also be an issue with the air-con system. Alternatively, you might find that you just have a lot of fumes in the air around your home. If that’s the case, one of the simplest ways of improving the air quality will be to add some more plants around the interior of your home. By adding more greenery to the inside of your home you can achieve a naturally improved space with cleaner, healthier air quality. Also giving you the added benefit of the calming nature that indoor plants bring.


It’s easy to assume that mould isn’t a massive health issue but unfortunately. it definitely can be. The impacts mould in your home can have on your general health and breathing can be alarming. Mould releases spores into the atmosphere and these can enter the lungs when you breathe. 

This is particularly common in young children which is why any issues with mould around the windows of your child’s bedroom should be dealt with immediately. You can handle mould by clearing up the moisture in the air using a dehumidifier. You can even get small ones that sit on the windowsill.

Understanding some of the issues that can impact the health and wellbeing of your children within your own home is key to ensuring a safe and happy life. By addressing problems such as these, you can not only promote an improved healthy lifestyle for your children but ensure there are no sneaky problems within your own home. Ultimately this will help provide tremendous long term benefits for you and your family.

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