3 Tips To Keep Your House Tidy This Christmas

4 December 2020

Christmas is a time to rejoice and celebrate as a family! Watching your kids open their presents and go crazy on Christmas Day will never get old. At the same time, this holiday brings a few concerns to your home. Mainly, your house always ends up like an absolute tip come January! A combination of everyone being in the house and lots of new presents lying around means your home is a right old state.

You might think there's no way of stopping this, but you're wrong! It's worth trying a few things to keep your home tidy this Christmas, starting with this...

Have a mass clear-out

There are still a few weeks until the big day, which is plenty of time to get rid of all the junk in your house. When the new gifts and gadgets come along, they get compounded onto all the old stuff you have. Some of you definitely still have boxes from last Christmas, don't lie! So, go through your house and get rid of all the useless clutter. Companies like Budget Bin Hire let you rent a skip to put all your rubbish in, and it gets taken away. You can do this, freeing up loads of space in your home and ensuring it doesn't get super cluttered on Christmas Day. 

Open presents and throw out the packaging as they arrive

Let's be honest, most of your Christmas shopping is done online. As such, you have loads of packages from different websites arriving at your doorstep. Now, some of us will keep the packages hidden and open them on Christmas Eve when we're wrapping everything. Don't do this! It leaves you with a combination of cardboard boxes and packaging that clogs up your bins and creates a mess. Instead, open things when they arrive, then hide the presents in your bedroom. At the very least, this reduces all the packaging waste on the 25th.

Get rid of everything as soon as the presents are opened

Finally, you have to be vigilant on Christmas morning. As soon as everyone has opened their gifts, you have to get rid of all the rubbish. Collect the wrapping paper in bin bags, and throw any boxes away. A good 90% of your holiday season mess comes from boxes and wrapping paper being left around the living room! Don't let this happen; do your best to clean up as you go along, saving you a lot of stress for the next few weeks. To be honest, if you hired a skip for your earlier clear-out, you may as well keep it until after Christmas. This way, you can put all the wrappers and boxes in the skip straight away, meaning you don't have hundreds of bin bags outside your house or in the garage.

Ultimately, nobody likes thinking about negative things at this time of the year. Still, there's nothing worse than dealing with such a messy house in the New Year. Hopefully, these tips will ensure that doesn't happen to you.

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