How Moving House Changed In 2020

10 January 2021

It’s no surprise to say that practically every facet of daily life changed for a lot of people in 2020. It was an unprecedented year, one that we’re very much still dealing with the fallout of. One space that became even more important than ever was the home since a lot of us were working, studying, and otherwise spending a lot more time in it. As such, even though movement might have been more restricted than usual, people were still moving to make sure their home fit their new needs.

A lot of people were looking for homes that offered more space, more work-suitable spaces for their home offices, and more. The reasons that people moved shifted in 2020, which led to a big shift in when they moved, how they moved, and where they moved to. While many individuals, couples, and families moved for common reasons, such as purchasing their first home, there were more people looking for bigger homes or needing new homes that fit new employment realities. As a result, the way that we move home changed in 2020, and the data backs that up.

The infographic shown below shows a range of trends that affected how people moved home throughout 2020, including the reasons they moved, how many people moved, and even some information on how and when to move. 2020 was a unique year for moving companies and their clients alike, and here are some of the ways that it changed how moving happened throughout the year.

Infographic Design By Geelong Removalists

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