How to Turn Yourself Into A Spring Cleaning Machine

20 January 2021

It may still feel like we are in the deep dark depths of winter, but the first signs of Spring are only around the corner. Little shoots will soon start poking their heads out of the soil, and the trees will regain their foliage. Many of us use the Spring as a chance to start afresh and to get our home back in order. Here are five ways you can turn yourself into a cleaning machine this Spring. 

Plan Your Approach

If you go in without a plan, then tidying and deep cleaning a whole house can quickly become overwhelming. Jobs may be left unfinished, and you will soon run out of steam. Try to think about how much time you have to do a full spring clean, taking into account your time with family and work commitments. Once you know how much time you have, allocate it evenly to make sure you can steadily make progress. This approach is also very useful if you have to hire equipment like a rug cleaner or pressure washer, as you can plan for when it might be needed. 

Tackle One Room At A Time

It is very satisfying to look at a room that you have tidied and cleaned, and know it is a job well done. By tackling one room at a time, you can space that enjoyment out throughout the cleaning period. Tackling one room at a time, means you are spending time within the room rather than running all over the house. This will help you to pay attention to detail and notice any grubby spots that are missed during the usual cleaning. 

Be Realistic About Your Space

Very few people set out to have a cluttered home, but decluttering can be difficult. The most common problem people have is when they try to squeeze too much stuff into one room. Be realistic about how much space you have and get rid of anything big, bulky, and unneeded. It may be that you need to rearrange or even discard bits of furniture if the room cannot cope with it. 

You Don’t Need To Be Ruthless

There are some minimalist cleaners, like Marie Kondo, who urge you to rid your life of anything that isn’t essential or instantaneously sparks joy. However, for many of us, some items fall between those categories. We might hang onto children’s toys and clothes for sentimental value, or because we are planning for a future arrival to the family. There may be equipment like BBQs or Paddling Pools that are infrequently used, but we would still want to keep them. Remember, even if you don’t have room in your home, that doesn’t mean it needs to be thrown out. Storage companies, such as, can offer flexible plans to allow you to keep your stuff while still keeping your living space clear of detritus. 


Finally, remember that the end goal is to create a living space you can enjoy. If this doesn’t motivate you to keep scrubbing, then promise yourself a treat such as a nice bottle of wine, or a trip to the spa to keep you going when the scrubbing gets tough.

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