Patio Shade Ideas For Your Home

28 February 2021

When the weather is nice and comfortable, people love to spend more time on the patio or the deck. However, when it’s hot or sunny, the deck may become the last place you’ll want to relax. Nonetheless, there is a solution to this problem. Your deck can be fitted with a patio shade to block out the sun to enhance your comfort. Depending on the type of shade you choose, it costs between $300 and $2500 on average to purchase and install a patio shade in Australia. Check out the different options for creating a shaded area on your patio.

A Sail Shade

A sail shade is listed as one of the easy-to-create sun-blockers for the outdoors. With a strong twine attached to steady poles, you will have a ready-to-use sail shade for your deck. However, for safety purposes, it is recommended to always go in for the best sail shades. HDPE fabrics are still the best choice material for sail shades. They are durable, waterproof, and designed to block the sun’s UV rays.

Unlike other inferior sail shades, which tend to reduce fabric tension in rainy weather, a quality one holds firm and maintains tautness. To get it right, always ensure the mounting kit is set right. Also, be on the lookout for stainless steel rings at the top corners, which help hold the material in place. If you’re not a DIY fanatic, stick to a professional installation by experts.

Outdoor blinds

People tend to use vertical blinds because these types provide better light control onto the patio. Besides, they are easy to install and come in varieties to suit every budget. For a more versatile and durable outdoor covering, you’ll find some of Australia’s best shades from alfresco blinds providers. Admittedly, not every outdoor blind is water-resistant. Therefore, before purchasing a set, be sure to find out the material it’s made from and other relevant details. Knowing the characteristics will help you decide on what works best for your patio.

A classic pergola

A pergola is an outdoor structure supported by wooden columns and topped with a roofing grid. In some homes, pergolas are left open at the top. However, for the purposes of this piece, the shaded or roofed ones are the best choices. Pergolas can be built as an attachment to the house or erected to be freestanding. Derived from the Latin word, ‘pergula,’ which translates into a ‘projecting eave,’ this classic architectural shading has been around since the 14th century.

The most notable characteristic of pergolas is their ability to cast just enough covering or shade to enjoy a warm day. In some homes, owners tend to add some aesthetic features to infuse personality into a bare pergola. For instance, you can grow vines or creeping plants on these pergolas to create additional covering.

Patio shades can be low-budget as long as you research what you want. Besides, installation can be a simple DIY project. No matter what you do with your patio, be sure it’s safe and provides enough shade for as long as you are outdoors.

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