Five Reasons To Update Your Bathroom

23 March 2021

The bathroom is the most underrated room in the house when it comes to renovation. People tend to leave the bathroom as the last room to do so because it's the smallest room in the house. Is your bathroom looking its age? When was the last time you gave it a lick of paint or the slightest bit of attention? Well, you need to start making it a place of comfortable convenience. Your bathroom deserves a little attention and to be able to give that attention, you need to know why you are doing it in the first place!

It's for this reason that we've put together five reasons your bathroom needs an update. Before you go for it, make sure that you've got a great plumber on hand to help, and that you have the phone number of an experienced interior designer to help you out. Sometimes, you need a little outside-of-the-box thinking, and the best thing that you need to do is get some external opinions for that! So, why should you be doing your bathroom? Let's take a look!

It's getting mouldy! 

When was the last time you checked the level of dampness in your bathroom? Seeing any evidence of mould and mildew is a good reason to get started with a bathroom renovation! A bathroom is a damp place to be and if there is moisture, mould often follows. You need to know what this will mean for your bathroom and how long it will stay in a decent room in the house. If you are seeing any evidence of mould, you need to get the experts in to help you clear it down and make the bathroom healthy again!

It's outdated. 

When was the last time you did anything to upgrade and prettify your bathroom? It's so important that you consider how you can upgrade the space and bring it into the current century. Bathrooms are supposed to be relaxing places and the only way that you can do this is if you are actually replacing older fixtures and upgrading the tub, or if it gets little to no use, removing it altogether and optimizing the space instead. Add in a shower with a powerful system and a quality shower door that fits your aesthetic (for an in-depth exploration of how to choose your new shower door, read it here), and you're going to have a bathroom that really stands out. Wallpaper is also very 1970s, so you need to consider how you can update the walls, too.

Mobility issues. 

If any family members need some help with their mobility in the house, it may be a good idea to upgrade your bathroom and get your bath replaced with a walk-in shower. Adding grab bars and a tub with a seat will help you to prevent any falls, too. It's supposed to be an easy space to use but if you're not watching your relatives and how they use the bathroom, it won't be so easy!


Through Bathroom Remodels, you can create much more space in the room. You can take out the space-crowding tub and install a walk-in shower/wet room instead. It makes a huge difference to the room and this will help you to add value, too.

Go green. 

Lastly, a great reason to renovate your bathroom is that it's just not green enough! You can make your bathroom far more efficient, and when you do it you will instantly transform the space.