Simple DIY Jobs To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

23 March 2021


Spring is here and now is the ideal time to take a look at our homes and figure out ways to vamp up its style. Today in particular we want to take a look at the kitchen and look at a few simple ways to spruce it up before summer.

Here are some easy jobs and things you can do to spruce up your kitchen and make it look fresh and new for the summer season.

Clean your grout

Grout is the glue that holds tiles together - and it usually comes in white or black. If you haven’t washed your grout for a while it is likely that it has gone a little grey and dull and this can impact the way your kitchen looks. The most simple way to clean your grout is to invest in some pink stuff and a toothbrush - and scrub away any built-up mould and grease or dirt. You’d be surprised what a difference a fresh coat of grout can make to your overall home and it will really have a good impact on the kitchen without spending a ton of money.

Replace the taps

One simple way to vamp up the kitchen without spending a huge amount of money is to have DWH Plumbing Solutions come and install some new taps for you. New taps will not only make the kitchen look. Ore modern but it will be cleaner and shinier too.

Add decals to your cupboards

If you don’t have a lot of space to work within the kitchen and you don’t fancy fitting new cupboards - you can hack this with some clever decals. Instead of replacing all of our cupboard doors you can order some decals online that you can stick to the front of your doors to change their appearance quickly and simply. It will make a massive difference to the kitchen and it could change the entire dynamic of the room.

Install a splashback

If you are looking for a simple splash of colour to add to your kitchen this spring - one thing you can do is install a colourful splashback behind the oven. Not only will a splashback protect your walls from flying grease and grime - but it will also add some lovely colour and fun to your kitchen in minutes. Make your kitchen feel like a whole new room for spring with a bright colour like yellow or green.

Relay a vinyl floor

If you want to spruce up your kitchen without replacing any of the fittings, one simple way is to lay down a new floor. You can find lots of simple vinyl flooring options online such as rolls or tiles and these will be cheap to buy and super simple to lay down on your floors. A vinyl floor can really be brilliant and it will make a huge difference to your kitchen - brightening up the room.

Use these simple ideas to spruce up your kitchen this spring and make it look fresh and new for the summer season.

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