Make These Changes to Your Home to Improve Your Skin

23 March 2021

There are various things in your home that could cause problems for your health and your looks. Your skin is one of the things that can suffer if there are issues in your home. Skin can be sensitive and you can find that you end up dealing with dryness and other skin problems due to certain conditions in your home. But if you know what to look out for, you can make changes to your home to help your skin be healthier. If you want to have healthier skin, take a look at these ideas to achieve your goal.

Soften the Water

Hard water can cause a lot of problems in your home. But although you might know how it can result in issues for your pipes, do you know what it could do to your skin and hair? A certain amount of minerals can be good for your skin and hair, but too much could cause several problems. Hard water can cause a buildup of soap residue, which can clog your pores. This means your skin can't release its natural oils, causing dryness. A water softener can solve this issue for you. As well as preventing dry skin, it could also help with problems like acne and eczema.

Use a Humidifier

Another issue that could lead to dry skin is dry air in your home. This can happen in the winter when you have your heat turned up, as well as when you have the air conditioning running. If the air is too dry and you think it's causing your skin to be dry too, a humidifier is an easy fix. You can get small humidifiers or larger ones, depending on how effective you want them to be. Some of them also work with essential oils or scented waters so that you can have a pleasant scent through your home too.

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Get New Bed Sheets

How often do you wash your sheets? How often do you buy new sheets? Dirty sheets could cause skin problems as well as other health issues. You shed skin when you're in bed, which makes great food for dust mites. While it's impossible to get rid of all dust mites, it is possible to keep their numbers low. If there are too many of them or you have an allergy, it can lead to several skin problems and worsen some issues. Regularly washing and replacing your sheets will help you to keep them under control.

Clean Out Vents

The vents for your heating and cooling could be full of dust and other debris. Some dust is fine, but if mould and other issues become apparent, it could affect the health of your home. You might need to clean your vents out if you want to prevent skin problems caused by unclean vents. If your vents have become very contaminated, it's time to clean them out. However, not all vents need cleaning, and you're unlikely to need to do it often.

When your skin isn't looking or feeling its best, think about whether your home could be part of the problem.

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