Simple Tips To Upgrade Your Living Room

25 April 2021

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No matter what has happened in the day, the reward at the end of it is putting your feet up on the sofa and relaxing! Your living room is the place you spend a lot of time and you want it to inspire you. This is exactly why it is worth designing it in a way that will feel the most pleasant, most comfortable and inviting space. First of all, it is highly advisable to set a clear timeframe and budget and not exceed either. You don’t want it to become a chore but rather a challenge! 

There may be some things that first need fixing; for example, you may need to call in an electrician or a plasterer.

Next, sort through the existing objects and check what you can renovate and what is outdated. You can also get great items at reasonable prices at major chains, flea markets and outlets. If you come across an interesting piece of furniture that is second hand or your friend wants to get rid of it, don’t be ashamed to adopt, upcycle it and make it your own. To make things a little easier to know what direction to go in with your light renovation, take a look below.

Paint the walls

A new coat of paint is the basis for everything. Choose a favourite shade, preferably light, so that the sunlight will bounce off it and recruit a friend and within a few hours you already have a smooth and clean substrate to work in. In a rented apartment, you should see if this is acceptable with your landlord and if they prefer you don’t paint, you can always get stickers that will peel off at the end of your contract. You can add further colour by using paint, stencils, or embossing a theme wall in another more prominent colour. Choose tones that resonate with you. Green for calm, deep reds for chicness and neutrals for a more relaxed atmosphere. Whatever suits your style!


In living rooms where there is one relatively small window - hang a curtain that is the same height as the room (from the ceiling to the floor) and that is wider than the width of the window. This will create a sense of a larger space. You can also centre a window in the wall and create a symmetrical feeling in the space. Of course, it is recommended to hang very light curtains, to give a soft and uncluttered feeling. Use cotton curtains that can be found relatively cheaply in the big chains, or in a flea market. If you have sewing skills, you can use old tablecloths and even sheets and create spectacular curtains yourself. It depends on how nifty and crafty you are!


The smaller the room, the better it is to have smaller items of furniture too. You don’t want the room to look overcrowded but instead, look neat and organized. You should consider looking at shelving too which will add space and you can display ornaments or art. Choose a sofa instead of chairs to keep things neat and you could also consider something such as a rug to make the space cosier.

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