Garden Parties: 10 Tips for a Safe and Fun Place To Meet Your Friends (All-Year-Round!)

4 May 2021

While some of the restrictions and closures around the world are easing, freely meeting your friends and family members still brings some considerable risks. And, it is essential during the following months for everyone to be mindful of their own health and one of their loved ones.

At the same time, after months indoors, we are all counting down the minutes when we can finally enjoy catching up over a cup of coffee, a story around the fireplace, or a drink by the pool. Meeting people outdoors has been seen to decrease the risk of transmission - so you can create the perfect - and safest - party atmosphere by rethinking your garden or backyard.

Here are ten tips you can use to turn a dull garden into the perfect environment for your next gathering - no matter the weather or the season!

Renovate Your Patio

Having a patio or veranda in your outside area can truly make a difference. A patio does not have to be much more than a wooden structure that can shield you and your party from the elements.

However, having a small extension to your indoor living environment can help you live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy safer gatherings with your friends when spending months inside. If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to entertain your guests in all safety, investing in a patio is the easiest and most valuable addition to your home.

Create a Conservatory

If you have a beautiful garden, it is only right that you and your party spend time looking out over the landscape. Creating a small conservatory, garden room, or sunroom is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep the party going even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Places like Projects 4 Roofing can make building a conservatory for your house super easy. Additionally, a conservatory allows you to keep up your passion for gardening all year round - and experiment with more demanding plants! There are several types of conservatories to choose from, but if you are looking for the easiest option, prefabricated sunrooms will do the job wonderfully!

Have a Pool

Often we might think that a pool is a luxury that only a few people can afford to buy and maintain. While that is true to some extent, you can fit a small affordable pool that only requires minimal maintenance in any garden or backyard.

Indeed, inflatable pools or hot tubs are all you need for your party to cool down during a hot summer day or to warm up in the evening. A small pool is not expensive, but it does add that important centrepiece that makes a gathering with your friends even more special. If you do have the money to purchase a good-sized pool for your backyard, then you might want to check out links such as, for example, to see what you can get to make those summer days all the more enjoyable.

Invest in an Outdoor Fireplace

Unfortunately, just as some of the restrictions have begun to ease, winter, rainy days, and lower temperatures are getting closer. However, with a little preparation, you can turn your garden into the perfect space to enjoy all year round.

One of the must-haves is undoubtedly an Outdoor Fireplace. Aside from keeping your guests warm, there is nothing more mesmerising than looking at the fire coming to life and sharing stories.

An outdoor fireplace can fit any garden - even if you only have a small backyard - and it is perfect for roasting marshmallows or enjoying a sophisticated glass of wine when the temperatures drop.

Don’t Skimp on Outdoor Furniture.

If there is something you need to have to welcome friends and family to your garden is outdoor furniture. Undoubtedly, there are plenty of low-cost options out there that allow you to save while also making sure that each of your guests has a seat.

However, high-quality outdoor furniture can withstand wind, sea salt, and prolonged exposure to UV rays. And, higher-quality structures and cushions undoubtedly add to the comfort level!

Have Blankets and Cushions Ready

If you are looking to create a comfy and relaxing garden, you will need cushions and blankets for all of your guests. While they might seem like an unnecessary addition at first, there is nothing that ruins a party like cold weather! When creating the perfect atmosphere, make sure you are also investing in outdoor lighting and, if the budget allows it, outdoor heaters!

Ensure There Is Always a Bar Cart and Fridge Around

Setting up your gathering outdoors is a great way to enjoy a nice evening or the afternoon sun with your loved ones. However, having to always run inside the house to top up drinks and snacks can be an inconvenience and interrupt the conversation too often.

A bar chart is an inexpensive way to have everything you need just by you - and your guests can help themselves to their preferred drinks! A mini-fridge or cooler, an ice bucket, and some extra glasses are must-haves to really make your drink trolly come to life.

Buy New BBQ Facilities

BBQ facilities are essential if you are planning to host several parties, and you can explore Traeger's wood fired grills if you are looking for a versatile outdoor cooking option. When creating the perfect BBQ area, keep in mind that it should be as close to the house as possible and in a shielded location. Additionally, you will want to place the BBQ or grill on a solid surface, such as concrete or pavers. This not only adds stability but also makes cooking safer.
If you have a patio area, veranda, or over, you should opt to position the BBQ facilities underneath it.

Have an Extra Sanitation Station

Sanitation stations are essential if you wish to host parties in your garden. Of course, you need to create a safe environment in your home - but you will also want your guests to feel safer and looked after.

You are adding stations where your guests can sanitise or wash their hands, and offering free masks for those who don’t feel comfortable not wearing one is important. While COVID-19 might have changed the etiquette of what should be offered to guests, such a small addition can create a safer and more comfortable environment in a post-pandemic scenario.

Have a Bathroom in Your Garden Room

Undoubtedly, this is one of the more complex additions to your garden, and, for many, this is an optional addition - especially if you have a bathroom not far from the garden entrance. However, if your outside area is extensive and your bathrooms are upstairs, you might consider investing in an outside bathroom. This can help you keep your home’s indoor environment clean and safe and give your guests an area they can use to freshen up.