Make It A Habit To Plan A Great Workout

15 May 2021

Working out is not just a hobby for some. It's a lifestyle. Once you get into your own pattern and cycle of fitness, you become inseparable from your morning run or aerobics session. The day just isn’t complete without a good sweat! However, to make fitness a part of your daily routine, you have to make a plan. If you think you're just going to get up and do what feels right, you're sorely mistaken. Workouts can fall apart mid-workout. You can become lost, not know which exercise to follow from the last and how long you should be doing something to get the maximum benefit. It all starts here, your workout plan. Let's make it a habit!

A Good Wardrobe

Firstly, you need to know what you’re going to be wearing. You’re not alone if you just open your wardrobe, grab the nearest top and leggings and just go down your thing. But we mix old dirty clothes with new ones and it just doesn’t feel right. Supportive leggings that absorb sweat, like the type that design, should be part of your wardrobe. 

They stretch and hug your curves, give you the support you need where it counts and have a good waist that doesn’t slip down. No more pulling up those leggings when you are doing lunges or sit-ups. Next, you need a good top with chest support that doesn’t get affected by a couple of wash cycles. A supportive fit is usually down to the material and design of the lines. Polyester or nylon are the top choices.

Have alternatives

If you are doing a fitness challenge, you don’t always have to stick to every single little detail. Maybe one day your arms are particularly fatigued. Okay, instead of push-ups these sessions, try to do tension and curl instead. These are when you stand on the band and curl the bands up in both or a single hand. You still get that bicep workout you had planned, and you don’t feel like you were caught out by feeling more fatigued than you thought. 

This means that for every exercise you have planned, have about 2 others ready waiting in the wings. Write them down in brackets alongside each exercise in your current plan. Have the equipment ready for these alternatives also.

A Weather Chart

At the beginning of every week, make a weather chart so you know what kind of weather to expect on each day. Write them down on your calendar or into your workout plan. So if on Wednesday it's going to rain, you can move your outdoor workout such as a run, indoors onto a treadmill. If you planned to do an aerobics session in the park but it's going to be foggy or colder than expected, you can move this indoors too.

It helps to avoid hiccups in your workout routine so you don’t feel like you’ve missed out on your usual sweating session. These are some of the things you should make a habit of. Can you think of more?

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