4 Types Of Exercise That Will Challenge And Push You

15 May 2021

One of the problems that people face with exercise is that after a while, things start to become boring. If you do the same thing every time you go to the gym or run the same route every day, your progress could begin to stall, leaving you feeling unfulfilled by your efforts.

One of the ways you can stay motivated is by finding exercises that will challenge you. It can be exciting to try new things and feel a sense of achievement as you push yourself.

Need some ideas to help you breathe new life into your fitness routine? Here are four types of exercise that will challenge and push you.

1. Yoga

Don’t be fooled. Yoga may seem like a gentle exercise, but it’s actually very challenging. Yoga can help you improve your balance and flexibility, helping your body move in ways you might never have imagined. Learning some yoga basics can give you a taster of what to expect, and over time you could soon notice a big improvement in your strength and mobility.

2. Martial Arts

Want to do a workout that’s fun, challenging and teaches you some useful skills? It’s got to be martial arts! Martial arts workouts teach strength in a controlled way, while also helping you to improve your endurance. If you want to get started, simply look up ‘MMA gyms near me’ to find a course. Martial arts-based classes can be a fantastic way to meet people and can help boost your confidence too.

3. Tabata

Do you love HIIT workouts? Then Tabata can help take things to a whole new level. Tabata is focused on short bursts of intense exercise, with a short recovery. During a Tabata workout, you’re expected to give it your all during that intense period, helping to increase your heart rate and burn a lot of calories in a short space of time.

4. Spin

Spin has been a popular type of fitness class for a while now, but are you one of the many who are too scared to give it a go? Spin is a challenging workout, but it’s actually a lot of fun too. There’s no better feeling than the end of a sweaty spin session, knowing you’ve worked hard with a motivating and inspiring instructor.

If you ever feel nervous about joining a class like spin, check out some tips on how to survive your first time in a fitness class to help you feel more at ease.

Trying new fitness classes can be a great way to mix up your exercise routine to help you become fitter and stronger. It can also be a great way for you to learn some new skills, develop new hobbies and meet new people. With so many great classes out there, give something new a try to help you keep your fitness routine fresh and exciting.

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