The Most Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Blog Site

2 April 2021

Creating a website for your blog content is a big challenge and one you’ll need to approach carefully. No matter how good your blog content is, people might not even read it or stick around long enough to be able to if your site is designed poorly. We’re going to talk today about the factors that matter most, so read on and find out more about what it takes to create a high-quality blog site.

Aesthetics and First Impressions

First of all, you need to consider how your blog looks when people land on your homepage for the first time. The impressions people get right away can be hard to shift, and that’s why first impressions matter so much in website design. Think about the approach and colour scheme that you think will appeal most to your target audience of readers.

Clarity in the Design

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, you also want the design of your website to offer real clarity and show people where they should be looking and where they need to click next. This kind of clarity makes using your website a whole lot easier and it’s something that you’ll find serves you well. The last thing you want is confused and frustrated readers.

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User-friendliness covers a wide range of different concerns. You want the user to be able to read your content easily, and that means not cramming large paragraphs of small text onto the page. It also means thinking about the font and the colours. And you can dig deeper with this Userzooms UX metrics guide if you want to understand the easiness and friendliness of the user experience better.

Offering Genuine Value

In terms of what your blog is going to be set up to offer, you need to think about the value you’re putting forward. This is informed by the design of the website and is delivered via your blog content. These two aspects of your blog work hand in hand, and you should keep that in mind when you’re having it all designed and put together during the website design process. You should also be looking to deliver maximum value.

Straightforward Navigation

Navigation is one of the best things to work on if you want to make sure that your blog is easy for your readers to use. You want them to be able to find the content of posts and pieces that they’re most interested in. And the only way that can happen is if you create categories and ensure everything is divided up carefully, as well as adding search functionality.

As you can see, there are lots of things that need to come together in order for you to create a website for your blog. If any one of the things we mentioned above isn’t up to scratch, you’ll run the risk of your website falling short and not offering your audience the standards of quality that they’re understandably expecting of you and your blog.

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