Your Home Isn't Secure – Here's Why

25 June 2021

Have you ever felt unsafe in your own home?

Sounds unimaginable? Unfortunately, it can happen, especially if you are not giving your home security the priority it deserves.

If you are anything like most homeowners, you emphasize decorating your home and not securing it. With burglars breaking into homes so often, it is becoming essential to prioritize your home's security.
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It takes a little effort to secure your home. Keep reading to find out how.

4 Signs Your Home Isn't Secure

Unsecured Doors

It is common to assume that no burglar will use your door, but why not if the door isn't secured? About 34% of burglars get access to a house through the front door.

So, how do you tell your doors are not secure?

If your door hinges are not protected, or the door frames are weak, the chances of an easy entry are high. Similarly, mail slots are highly used by burglars to unlock doors.

If your doors have any of these elements, you need to secure the doors immediately. Talk to any mobile locksmith within your area to help you with this.

Unlocked Windows

How often do you leave your windows open in the name of allowing fresh air into the house? Or, can you remember the many times you unknowingly left the windows open? Unlocked windows are easy entry points commonly used by burglars.

Most window latches are not effective. If your window latches look unsecure, use key-operated levers or locks to beef up your house's security.

You can also consider reinforcing the glass of all the windows with a window security film. Also, consider installing glass break sensors to alert you whenever someone forces an entry through the window.

Dark Landscape

No criminal, burglar, or vandal likes being in the spotlight. Having a well-lit landscape will scare away bad folks.

Use outdoor lighting along pathways, in the backyard, and in front of the house to lighten the area. You can, as well, consider including movement sensors.

Lighting up your home will make any intruder skittish and, at the same time, prevent you from stumbling on anything as you walk around.

You Don't Have a Security System

At this age, your home isn't secure without a security system. With technological advancement, there are now diverse systems to boost your home security.

Most of these systems give you the chance to monitor activities within your home remotely. In case of any incidence, the security systems will alert you and any other concerned parties.

All security systems are not the same. So, shop around for a security system that aligns with your needs and budget.

- - -

The safety of your home should be your top priority. Securing your home does not require you to install complex systems. All you need to do is ensure that the essential security elements, such as doing away with all possible entry points, are addressed.

Start by inspecting your home for burglar entry points. Then, evaluate the strengths and safety of all your doors, windows, and walls. Such considerations will help you decide what security system you need for your home.

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