Quick Hacks To Get Ready in a Rush

3 July 2021

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It is one of the most momentous challenges you can face after a busy week. You come home, and there’s no time to chill, you've got to get ready to go out in record time! You feel like you need to unwind, but there is so little time to get everything ready. What does it take to get ready quickly? Try a few of these approaches.

The Quick Fixes

If it is too painstaking to give your eyelashes that volume without a solid 15 minutes in the mirror, you can purchase false eyelashes online. When we're trying to get ready in record time, we should never underestimate what those little bits of false items can do for us to give it that extra accentuation. The best thing you can do is think about what is actually necessary. Sometimes when you are curling your eyelashes, you might think it's pointless, but this might be the only preparation your eyes need. If you apply false eyelashes, you can skip the eyeshadow.

Skip the Full Face of Makeup

You might think this is sacrilege, but skipping the makeup and actually applying some red lipstick makes it look like you've spent a long time working on your makeup when you only spent a few minutes! You've got to remember, that when people are talking to you, they are going to look at your eyes or your mouth. If you highlight your eyes and your mouth, do you really need to apply a full layer of makeup? Use the same product on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. 

One of the best ways to get ready quickly is to apply foundation, then choose one colour, and swipe it onto your lips, eyes, and cheeks as this creates a monochromatic look. It's the best way to get ready quickly and also take the thought out of the equation.

Use the "3 Technique"

If you want to contour your cheekbones, the "3 technique" works wonders. This is where you use a brush, swirl it over your bronze, and trace the number "3" on the right-hand side, then bring the brush along the perimeter of your face, towards the centre of your face under the cheekbone, and out again along the perimeter of your face. You then finish up with a little blend of the bronzer, which disguises the number 3.

Use an In-Shower Moisturiser

If you need a shower, but there isn't time to lotion-up afterwards, you can use an in-shower moisturiser. After you've lathered up with your cleanser, apply the hydrating formula from the neck down, and the humidity of the shower allows the ingredients to absorb into the skin, resulting in a super soft skin surface!

Wash Your Hair With a Cleansing Conditioner

You can purchase cleansing conditioners that get to work in double-time, and it is the biggest lifesaver when you are in a rush. Of course, if you haven't got the time to get ready and work on your hair, never underestimate the good old-fashioned dry shampoo!

There is no reason why you cannot look your best on a night out! Use some of these techniques, and make sure that they become part of your routine.

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