4 Ways to Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff From Your Home

13 July 2021

Let’s face it: most people’s homes have plenty of items that either don’t seem to have a suitable storage location. Some folks even have things given to them by others, and they aren’t sure what to do with them.

You’re likely reading this today because you’ve got quite a lot of “stuff” in your home that should probably go elsewhere. The trouble is, you’re unsure what is the best way of sorting through those items. The following will give you some handy hints and tips on what to do:

1. Store and Sort

Are you fed up with looking at all the random stuff in each room but don’t have much time to go through everything each week? If so, one idea is to consider storing those items at a self-storage facility.

Each week or weekend, you can take a trip there to sort through a bag full of items and either dispose of them or donate them to other people. You could even create an “op shop” (charity shop) pile each time you visit the facility.

Putting all your unwanted items in one place away from your home makes it easier to sort through things at your leisure. Plus, the fact you have to pay for the storage gives you further incentive to do something about those items!

2. Take No Prisoners

Another idea is to sort through each room in your house and tell yourself that you’re not keeping any misplaced items. Your job is to place each item in one of three piles:




It’s a stealthy way to go through all those items. But, it means that you’ll get through everything quickly without developing emotional attachments to them or having second thoughts.

Items marked rubbish can go out with your regular waste collections, however, you may need to hire the services of a company like Just Rubbish Removal if you find yourself dealing with larger items that cannot be accommodated in your standard waste collections. Donations can go straight to local op shops of your choosing, and anything marked Freecycle can get given away for free to anyone who wants them.

3. eBay Everything

Time is a precious commodity that few people have these days for one reason or another. However, if you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands, you can put it to good use by selling all your unwanted items on eBay.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you can use the eBay app on it to take pictures of each item, write short descriptions, and set your price. Unsure of the value of an item? Set everything with a starting bid of 99 cents and create five or seven-day auctions.

4. Enlist the Help of a Family Member

Lastly, if you don’t have the time or inclination to go through your unwanted items, you could always get a family member to help you. One way to incentivise the idea is by offering them a percentage of any sales (or all the profit if you don’t care about making money).

It’s an idea that can also be particularly useful to people who might have mobility issues, for example, and struggle to move around boxes of heavy items.