5 Ways Your Appearance Can Be a Reflection of Your Health

7 July 2021

Have you ever stopped and thought about how your health has affected your appearance? It might not be surprising to discover how much diet and exercise can affect what you look like. 

But our looks can also show us if there are any health issues we should look into. 

Here are five ways that your appearance is reflecting your health.


Our hair is one part of our body that takes a lot of abuse. We wash it, scrub the scalp, cover it with products and heat to make it sit the way we want. 

So, it’s not surprising that our hair needs a lot of TLC to maintain its strength. Unfortunately, our hair can also be the first thing which is affected if we get sick. Even our diet can affect our hair growth so it is important to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies. 

However, sometimes our scalps need to shed damaged hair so heavy fall out can be a sign that your hair is about to grow a bit thicker.


Our fingernails can be one of the most difficult areas to maintain, especially if we have labour intensive jobs. But, it is possible to have beautifully manicured nails even if we have to keep them short and unpolished. 

If, despite your best efforts, your nails are suffering, you could have a health issue. Yellow nails can be a sign of a fungal infection which may need an antibiotic to treat it. Or brittle nails may be a sign you need more vitamins in your diet.


Maintaining a healthy mouth is necessary for keeping that Hollywood smile, but is it that easy? Regular brushing, check-ups from clinics such as Wahroonga Family Dental Centre can help keep your mouth in top shape. 

Not only will this help your mouth stay beautiful, it can help prevent diseases later in life such as heart disease and dementia.


Our skin is another part of us that takes a lot during the day. In fact, our skin, otherwise known as our epidermis, is the largest organ we have. It literally covers our entire body! One of the best ways to keep our skin healthy is to keep it clean and protect it from the sun. 

However, skin changes can be a sign of anything from allergies to disease. Know what is normal for your skin so you can spot any changes that appear out of the ordinary and learn what your skin type is to help it stay healthy.


Our eyes are the forgotten part of the body when it comes to our health. It is estimated that around 27% of adults don’t get their eyes tested on a regular basis. 

If you do neglect your eyes, you could be in for a nasty shock. For example, developing a ring around your cornea (the clear bit of your eyeball) can be a sign that your cholesterol is dangerously high and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

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