5 Fashion Trends for 2021 and Beyond

7 July 2021

The world of fashion has made a lot of changes over the last 18 months but it looks like people are ready to emerge from their cocoon of sweatpants and oversized jumpers. 
But things will never be the same again. Here are some trends that have appeared this year in a big way and show no signs of disappearing.

Cruelty-Free Fashion

This is a trend that has been picking up speed over the last few years, but now it is exploding in a whole new way. People are no longer accepting that fashion is a valid excuse to hurt animals. Not when there are so many alternatives available.  Certain places such as Moto Est. are offering vegan alternatives.

Custom Fashion

If there is one way to replace fast fashion, it is with slow fashion in the form of Custom Made Clothing.
Fast fashion is responsible for a lot of pollution, coming in second after the oil and gas sector. 
That is something that people do not want to be a part of. So, rather than wasting money on fast fashion, people are investing in custom-made pieces that will last them for years. 
This can be an expensive way to fill your closet but you can guarantee that every piece will fit you correctly.

Upcycled Fashion

Even if you can afford to pony up the cash for a new custom wardrobe of clothes, you should consider upcycling. This trend has been popular with furniture over the last few years, but now the trend has caught up with the fashion industry. The idea is to take old, worn-out, and damaged clothes to create something new. One of our favourite things to come out of this trend is the patchwork winter coat. And don’t forget, this means you can stitch pockets onto everything.

Recycled Plastics

If you buy a lot of gym gear, you may have noticed that a lot of places are making the switch to recycled plastics for their clothes. PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is used in a variety of products. 
The most common are plastic drinking bottles and fabrics. The next time you buy some gym gear, check the label to see how many plastic bottles it took to make your leggings. 
But, don’t forget to invest in a wash bag to prevent microplastics from going down the drain every time you wash them.

Lab Made Fabrics

As much as we love the idea of cruelty-free fashion and using plastics instead of leather, there are simple facts we need to face. Vegan leather is plastic and the plastic in our clothes can create microplastics when they are worn and washed. 
To combat this, labs are making their own natural-based fabrics that are a better alternative. These fabrics require less water to be produced and are cruelty-free too. 

At the moment, they are still pretty pricey but it won't be long before they are affordable to everyone.