5 Ways To Upgrade Your Living Space on a Budget

29 July 2021

The feeling of being in your home, knowing everything belongs to you, and coming home to relax after a long day are just some of the emotions that come with living in your own space. 

However, if you’ve been looking at apartments recently, chances are you have noticed house prices skyrocketing, meaning many people can’t afford their ideal space. Luckily there are ways to upgrade your current living space without spending too much money. So here are five tips to upgrade your home without moving.

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Change Cabinet Handles

Changing cabinet handles isn't just for upgrading a kitchen. Swap out the knobs on your bathroom cabinets with something more eye-catching to give them some personality, even if you're not going to do anything else. This is also a great way to add colour when painting doesn't seem feasible or affordable.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

The easiest way to make your living space feel new again is by taking a can of paint and giving the walls an updated look. Painting just one wall in contrasting colours, like white on black or dark blue on light tan, can instantly change the appearance of a room—it’s easy and inexpensive!

It’d be best to use professional house painters, which you can find by visiting https://www.amazingpainting.com.au/ for quality work. However, if you want to DIY, start with clean walls. Next, protect surfaces with tarps or newspaper and tape off the trim using painter’s tape to keep it clean during painting. Then, roll on two coats of paint, letting each coat dry for at least 45 minutes before applying another layer. Please, avoid putting your roller in a tray containing leftover paint, or you may contaminate it.

Blend the paint right at the top edge of the trim with a brush to prevent lines. Then, paint window and door frames using a broad angled brush for sharp corners. Allow time to dry before applying a second coat; this may take up to 24 hours in humid climates or under high ceilings. Lastly, clean any tools well after use (separate from other household items to avoid cross-contamination).

Minor Landscaping

Consider adding a few living plants. Landscaping is an inexpensive way to decorate your house and add natural beauty. Living plants also regulate humidity levels, naturally clean the air of pollutants, provide shade from intense sunlight, reduce noise pollution, and absorb sound waves so you can enjoy a quieter living environment.

Using drought-tolerant landscaping is essential for those who live in regions with dry weather. Also, adding a couple of succulents and cacti surrounded by Landscaping Rocks can create an interesting focal point without needing much water. Some other great ideas for regions with dry climates are drought-tolerant ferns, agaves, and yuccas.

Add Seating Areas to Your Outdoor Space

Add a few chairs or benches and even an ottoman for lounging in your outdoor space. It's always better to have options.

Find furniture that is lightweight but still sturdy enough to make it easier when moving the items indoors during inclement weather. This will also help to reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust over time.

Add Crown Molding

Fixing a crooked door frame is an easy way to add crown moulding and cachet to your living space. You can get the supplies for this project at any hardware store, but it’s best if you have someone with carpentry experience to help you out. If not, check YouTube tutorials or ask in forums where DIY enthusiasts gather.

You can also use crown moulding to cover up an ugly shelving unit that you purchased. Simply screw it onto the wall and then place books, plates, or decorative objects you like in between each shelf bracket. Ultimately, you’ll transform a drab piece of furniture into a work of art.

Living spaces are something you can find in pretty much every home. And they're one of the first things people notice when visiting your home. That said, it’s essential to upgrade your living space so you, your family and your friends can enjoy hanging out.