Travel Plans Cancelled? Fun Ideas For Trips Closer To Home

6 July 2021

Many of us will have raised a toast on New Year’s Eve 2019 filled with excitement at the prospect of spreading our wings and embarking upon adventures. 

Fast forward to 2021 and travel plans are still on ice. If you’re looking to book some well-earned time off, and you need inspiration for a fun trip closer to home, here are some fantastic ideas to consider.

Bucket List Experiences

Australia is a vast country. Many of us are guilty of jetting off at the first opportunity and exploring far-flung lands, leaving gems closer to home undiscovered. 

The great news about being encouraged to stay near home is that it provides an opportunity to have a look around and tick off those bucket list destinations you’ve always wanted to go to but never quite made it. 

From the best Uluru (Ayers Rock) experience to climbing the Harbour Bridge, now is the time to review that list and arrange some trips with your friends, partner or family. There are some truly magical places to visit and you don’t have to leave the country to enjoy experiences that will stay with you forever.

City breaks

It may not be possible to gather the girls together or book a romantic break in New York, Paris, London or Barcelona at the moment but that doesn’t mean that fun-packed weekends in the city are off limits. City breaks are a fabulous way to combine sightseeing with shopping, dining out and sampling the local nightlife and visiting cultural attractions, such as museums, galleries and historic landmarks. 

If you’re planning an urban adventure, it’s always a great idea to do some research before you go to get inspiration for your itinerary and to book popular attractions in advance online. You can also compare hotel prices to make sure you’re getting the best deals.

Wine Tasting

Fancy escaping the hustle and bustle and treating your taste buds to a tantalising experience to boot? If so, why not visit one of Australia’s famous wine-producing regions

You can book vineyard tours, take classes to learn how to taste wine properly, enjoy al fresco lunches with panoramic views and sip on some of the best wines in the world. You can combine wine tasting with brewery tours, fine dining and outdoor pursuits, such as hiking and walking, cycling and swimming.

Beach holidays

Hitting the beach is part and parcel of Aussie life but going for a quick stroll on the sand at the end of a busy day at work is very different to taking a long weekend or a week to really recharge your batteries and enjoy lazy days by the sea. 

You can visit new destinations, switch up your itinerary to explore different beaches, coves and inlets and try a host of activities. From water sports and diving to beach yoga, sailing and fishing, you can combine excursions and active pursuits with going out for dinner and drinks in the evening to embrace the holiday vibes.

We might not be able to jet off to tropical destinations at the moment or book a spontaneous city break in a different country but that doesn’t mean that fun-filled holidays are off the cards. Take these ideas on board if you fancy planning a trip closer to home.

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