5 Tips for Keeping Your Workouts Fresh and Exciting

12 August 2021

Working out is among the resolutions that most people don't seem to keep up with; after a few days of exercising, it starts to get boring. For some people, working out is postponed from one year to the next due to reasons, such as work and tight schedules or being tired. If you've decided to take on this journey for the long term, you need to find ways to keep at it. When you engage in the same routine daily, you start to plateau and eventually get bored. Here are tips to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

Make new Goals Often

As you progress with your workouts, so should your goals. Once you achieve a goal after a week, month or quarter, it's essential to develop new ones to give you something to look forward to and help you achieve optimal results. You could form new plans around weight loss, workout time, or strength and pain tolerance. Keep upgrading to more challenging levels and keep a workout journal to gain a sense of accomplishment every time you check off a routine and make improvements.

Change Location

If you’ve been running on the same terrain, working out at home or the gym for too long, you can get sick of it and start to get bored working out. Changing location can give you new insight and motivation to keep exercising. Changing location can be as simple as changing your running or walking route; it helps to have new sights to look at to help you take your mind off the routine, making it easy to complete your workout or stay longer.

Play with Time and Intensity

Keeping your workouts fresh and exciting can be as simple as changing your workout time; if you work out in the evening, consider exercising in the morning, and vice versa. Similarly, you can increase your workout intensity when running or on workout machines. Listen to music for motivation, and remember to supplement with hydration powder to avoid muscle cramping.

Try New Routines

If you keep engaging in the same routine daily for a long time, you will eventually start feeling stuck. Keep your body motivated by mixing up your routines; if you're more of a gym person, try jogging or walking once in a while. You can also break your routine by taking a yoga class, swimming, taking on a sport, or attending boot camp. The more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the stronger your body gets.

Get a Workout Buddy

A workout buddy can be a great motivator; they can keep you company or challenge you through friendly competitions. Your friend can be a walking partner when you go for lunch or around the block; you can challenge each other to take more steps at work instead of using the elevator and keep each other accountable. Your workout buddy can be your friend, colleague, or spouse; "if you sweat together, you stay together."

Working out doesn't have to be a dreadful task; you will eventually enjoy the results, although it requires time and effort. Make fitness part of your everyday life and keep it exciting by varying intensity, switching time, trying new routines, changing location, and getting a workout buddy.

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