Fun Ways To Get Fit With Your Dog

30 August 2021

Studies show that people who own pets are more likely to be fit than those who don’t. But just going out and walking your dog isn’t particularly inspiring, particularly if you do the same route every day.

Not to worry, though - it turns out that there are plenty of fun ways to get fit with your dog. You just need to be a little creative. Take a look at these ideas.


If you have a long off-road cycle path or track near you, cycling with your dog can be a lot of fun - and it allows them to really run. It can take a little training at first, but once you perfect your setup, the world is your oyster. Your dog will eventually learn to follow you on the bike and love the exercise as well.


Doga as you might guess is a dog form of yoga and can be a great way to improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

The way it works is pretty simple. Essentially, you bring your dog to yoga. They sit there while you run through all the poses.

You’ll need a fairly tame type of dog to pull this one off. But merely having your pet beside you can encourage you to go through all of the exercises.


Dogs love to go surfing. So if you’re a pro on the board, consider taking your pet with you.

Dogs can’t actually surf, as you might expect. But you can strap buoyancy aids to them so that they enjoy the experience. They will try to paddle alongside you - and some will eventually learn to ride the waves themselves.


If surfing isn’t your thing, you can always try traditional jogging. And dogs love it - especially compared to walking. It gives them an opportunity to really stretch their legs and see more of the nature around them.

If you go jogging with your dog, try to create a route that connects multiple local parks together. You’ll need to invest in some sturdy dog collars for when you jog out onto the street. But other than that, the requirements are minimal. You just put on your running shoes and off you go.


Flyball has a reputation for being an ultra-competitive sport. But it is actually something that dogs love when they get the hang of it. Yes - it takes a bit of practice, but eventually most dogs will learn.

If you want to make it more challenging for you, you can also chase the ball after you throw it or run away from your dog when they bring it back to you.

Canine Agility

People have been running dogs with obstacle courses for many years. It’s a way to keep their minds active and improve their training.

But it is also good for owners. Dogs won’t run courses by themselves. Instead, they need their owners to guide them through all the obstacles and get to the other side. And, trust us, it’s hard work.

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