Turn Your Morning Routine Into A Daily Habit

30 August 2021

A morning routine is the sequence of actions one takes upon waking up, starting from the moment they first open their eyes in the morning until things like brushing teeth and eating breakfast have been completed. It usually includes showering or bathing using botanical soaps, dressing appropriately for the weather and other morning activities such as meditating, stretching or doing morning exercise.

Why have a planned morning?

There are many benefits. For one thing, it creates a structured morning, which can be important because mornings often tend to be the busiest part of the day, and things not done in the morning sometimes end up left undone. Moreover, morning routines can help us prepare for the day and even prevent depression.

Being active and training morning routines produce healthier morning lifestyles. Exercise in the morning has been found to boost both mental and physical health and improve productivity. Morning exercise also helps with weight loss, which is helpful for individuals trying to lose excess pounds. Researchers have also found that morning exercise releases endorphins, which give people feelings of happiness and well-being.

Cleansing morning routines with morning baths or showers also help the body. Showering in the morning ensures that we are free of dirt and other external grime that can take away from how people see us. Taking morning baths and showers has great benefits, when one is clean means it is easier to be confident throughout the day, mainly because morning activities prepare people for a good appearance.

People who take morning baths and showers are often more conscientious about their hygiene, boosting self-esteem. Morning rituals can also help people feel clean and fresh, making them more confident throughout the day. Morning activities, in general, prepare individuals for success in whatever they do.
What should be included in a morning ritual?

While morning routines are different for everyone, they often consist of morning activities like exercising, taking morning showers, lighting candles or incense, and drinking morning coffee or tea. These practices are good morning habits, but morning rituals that include morning products are also beneficial for the body.

What activities could be included in a morning ritual?

  • morning stretches
  • morning exercises
  • morning showers
  • morning baths
  • drinking tea or coffee
  • meditation/prayer/ reflection time
  • morning kiss goodbye to a partner
  • morning journaling or morning pages
  • morning gratitude or affirmations practice
  • morning yoga stretches and poses

What products could be included in a morning ritual?

Some examples of morning products morning people might use include morning cleansers such as morning face wash or facial cleanser, morning toners, morning moisturizers, natural soaps and morning body oil.

Start turning your ritual into a habit that lasts all day. And remember that morning rituals can be a great way to set up healthy morning routines, which will lead to a healthier you! By following these simple morning rituals, you will start each morning on a positive note, ready for a productive and successful day.

Now get out of bed and start your morning ritual with a smile!

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