5 Hair Tips You Wish You Knew

16 September 2021

If you're like me, then your hair is your pride and joy, and you'll go to any length to make it look as bouncy and glossy as the models we see on TV. After all, when you have nothing on, your hair is the sexiest thing you can wear, therefore it deserves to be treated properly so that you can wear it beautifully. 

We're always looking for quick ways of achieving the perfect locks, so check out these five hair tips you'll wish you'd known sooner.

Ran out of dry shampoo? No problem!

Your hair's best friend is dry shampoo. We've all had the feeling of needing to wash our hair but not had the energy to try to manage it again after it's been washed. Whoever invented dry shampoo will be remembered by all girls around the world for a long time. But what happens if you run out? The next best item to use is corn starch. 

Brush a small bit into your roots and massage thoroughly. Simply brush away the stray parts, and you've got clean hair! No corn starch? Try talc for the same effect and a subtle but beautiful smell!

Hair extensions aren’t all bad

Hair extensions often have a bad rep for pulling your hair and causing split ends. Girl, you’ve been using the wrong type! High quality hair extensions shouldn’t cause your hair damage, and can help you switch up your look as often as you’d like. Fancy longer hair for your girl’s night out? Go for it! Just be sure to spend a little more for the sake of your hair.

Eliminating hair toxins

Did you know that over time, your hair follicles become clogged with any chemicals you've consumed? Smoking, for example, can block your hair follicles, stifling hair growth and damaging the condition of new hair growing in. Why not treat yourself to a hair detox shampoo to quickly restore your long, lustrous locks?

Don't Forget Bobby Pins

We're confident you'll agree with us on this one. When you look in the mirror halfway through the day and realise you've been wandering about looking like a fool with flyaways and lumps and bumps all over your hair, bobby pins come in handy. Make an empty tic-tac box into a bobby pin storage container so you always have plenty on hand and they don't end up at the bottom of your handbag!

Brushing your hair can be extremely damaging

Okay, so this isn't quite true, but many women make the mistake of brushing their hair shortly after washing it and before blow drying it. When it comes to hair care, this can be an error. When your hair is damp it becomes more elastic, but this does not imply that it is strong. Brushing your hair causes knotted ends to fray and even snap off, leaving you with horrible dead ends and an unpleasant haircut in the future. Save your hair and let it dry naturally for a while, then run your fingers through it to get rid of knots before brushing it. Only after you've blow dried your hair should you brush it.

Take these five hair hacks into mind, and bad hair days and slow growth will be a thing of the past. Your hair is gorgeous!

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