Keep Your Blogging Business Secure With These Clever Tactics

13 September 2021

Creating a successful blogging business means lots of hard work, effort, and time. That is why it's so vital to protect your enterprise from security risks. Fortunately, there are -plenty of actions you can take that will help keep your blogging business secure. Read on to find out what they are.

Always use a secure network

First, of all, if you are concerned about security when blogging it's best to avoid public networks. This means using public wifi can be a big no-no. The reason is that doing so can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of attacks including malware, and Snooping. Instead, it's important to use a secure network, especially when handling privileged information such as bank details, or your blog dashboard.

The good news is you can make sure your network is secure by getting help from a Cyber Security Company that specializes in this area. Indeed, such a business can help you secure the network you use for your blog, as well as install and maintain firewalls, servers, and associated hardware. They can even help you prevent data leaks and theft, which when you have the details of your many followers can be vital in ensuring you keep their trust and avoid future disaster.

Make use of two-factor authentication

Another smart way to ensure your blog stays secure is to turn on 2FA in your security settings. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) works by adding an extra layer (factor) of security when logging into your accounts. Essentially, you won’t only be asked for your login details and password, but will also have to provide an additional piece of information sent via text, email, or sometimes via a code generator. What this second level of security does is confirm that it is the genuine owner of the account that is using it, rather than someone that has illicitly gained access to their login details. Indeed, 2FA is so effective that many banks use it to protect access to their customers' accounts.

Pay via a secure third party

There are plenty of benefits to paying for things online with your credit card. However, when it comes to anything to do with your blog, using a secure third-party payment option like ApplePay, Stripe, or Paypal is a much better idea.

The reason it's better to go for a third-party payment option is it allows you to use your card online without ever having to reveal your card details to the company you are buying from. Therefore protecting them from misuse. Third-party payment providers also have high levels of security, and robust refund policies, so if the worst does happen and someone unauthorized used your payment details you are much more likely to get a refund.

Update your antivirus software

Last of all, to keep your blogging business as secure as possible, it's vital that you regularly update your antivirus software. This is because viruses can not only damage the computer you are working from, but provide those with nefarious intentions access to your blog as well. The latter causes downtime, poor UX, and even damage to your social capital as a blogger.

To that end, be sure to schedule regular antivirus updates with reminders into your calendar. After all, there is no point in taking unnecessary risks with the blogging business you have worked so hard to build.

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