4 Easy Ways To Instantly Update Your Appearance

22 October 2021

The beauty industry in Australia is huge, and that reflects in the revenue made only last year. In 2020, the country made over $3 billion in this area alone. Furthermore, available data suggest that the average Australian woman spends $3,600 annually for beauty purposes. 

Indeed, beauty standards continue to change, and with the introduction of dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures, demand continues to grow. In the meantime, take a look at what you can do to look instantly update your appearance.

Place emphasis on your Figure

Some decades ago, the fashion and beauty world emphasised trimmed hips and backsides for women. Today, it is the exact opposite. More women have embraced the idea of possessing full and curvy hips with well-rounded bottoms. Therefore, it’s not surprising that more modern and fashionable women see Beyonce and Kim Kardashian as the standard in attractive curviness. Indeed, this figure involves a thinner waistline which flairs out to form what’s known as the ‘hourglass’ shape.

You can still accentuate your hips and body by giving a little more thought to your apparel. Therefore, instead of hiding those hips, wear pants, dresses, or skirts that hug you tastefully and show off your attractive figure. 

Fill in your eyebrows for a full and thick look

In the 1990s, thin eyebrows were in vogue. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you will find that full but shapely eyebrows draw attention (for all the right reasons). Apart from bold brows making you appear younger, a report by Daily Telegraph in Australia said men found ladies with thicker brows more attractive. An interesting fact if we cared what men thought. 

Create the pouted lip look

Having full pouted lips is often considered the gold standard in how attractive the mouth is. There are a few ways to achieve this look. The first is to apply your lipstick slightly beyond the natural definition of your lips to larger lip. This makeup look can sometimes be hard to create effectively. 

There are also options such as injecting lip fillers to create volume and a slightly pouted look. Just ensure that the professional tasked to do this is licensed and has a track record of high success rates. The exciting part about this is the instantaneous transformation it offers for persons who choose this option.

Makeover Your Wardrobe

It can be easy to forget what a big effect clothing can have on your appearance, but your outfit plays a huge role in first impressions. Create a Pinterest board of outfit ideas made up of pieces that you already have in your wardrobe, as a way to build new looks from old clothes. You might be surprised with outfits you can put together, and looks you can create!