Prep Your Home For Renovation With These Tips

23 October 2021

There are a great deal of people out there who plan for a home renovation without thinking about how they can prepare their house first. When you’re knocking down walls and installing new features, you have to prepare for a lot of dust building up. There are plenty of ways that you can ensure that your new home renovation goes without a hitch, but you have to make sure that your things are looked after so that the new room you’re knocking into the side of the house doesn't become a burden while it’s built.

Your home is your castle but your stuff on the inside is what’s most valuable. There are storage facility options out there that will help you out to ensure that your stuff stays safe, but a big part of a positive renovation experience is in the preparation. If you are well-prepared leading up to the remodel of your home, you will be ready for anything and your whole project will be perfect by the end!

  1. Start with decluttering. Before you start knocking down walls or ripping up flooring you need to clean the place up a little. Empty the rooms that are being remodeled and make sure that the flooring is covered with the right protective sheeting. You’ll soon thank yourself when you don't have to then go ahead and replace the carpets because they’re so thick with dust that not even a vacuum cleaner can save them.

  2. Remember there will be dirt. You can get your home renovated, but no matter how well you prepare the space, there will be dirt to contend with. Brace yourself for it because no matter how well you prepare yourself, there will always be more dirt than you thought that there would be. Don't even try to clear up after it until the majority of the job is done, though, or you’ll be pretty much overusing the vacuum!

  3. There will be noise. If the renovation is a big one, you will be contending with a lot of noise happening while you are still living there during the renovation itself. Noise-cancelling headphones are a wonderful invention if you are working from home while the work is happening. Manage your expectations here, though, because you can’t go around with headphones on all the time.

  4. There will be tough decisions to manage. You are going to have to make decisions about the renovation as they happen beyond the original planning stages. Be ready for these to pop up and don't be too saddened if things shift from what you originally planned.

  5. Talk to the contractors. You want your home ready in time, so keep a constant line of communication with your contractors so that they can keep you up to date with things that are happening!

Remodeling is more exciting when you are prepared and ready for anything. Choose to plan out your home preparation and you will be ready for anything. Your home is going to look fantastic when you are ready for it!

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