7 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier

23 October 2021

When it's hot outdoors, you want your home to be light and breezy, with no extra layers to trap humidity or keep heat in. When the weather turns cold, you'll want to put those layers back on to keep the house warm and cozy. Fortunately, it doesn't take much to make your winter room inviting and comfortable. Simple changes like storing slippers near the front door or swapping to soft lighting can transform your home into a winter-ready retreat. Here are small ways to warm up your home.

New Bedding

Crisp cotton and bedsheets are great for the summer, but flannel is the way to go for the winter! Swap out your crisp sateen sheets for individuals that will keep the heat in, such as flannel or jersey. While you're there, fold a bedspread or throw a blanket over the edge of your bed for use on cold nights. Home designers will use this small change to make a bedroom look completely different.

Keep Slippers Next To The Door

The first step toward feeling cozy is to avoid having cold feet! Keep a pair of slippers near your main entrance to change into as soon as you reach the line, so you're comfortable from the moment you enter the home from work. They'll also prevent you from tracking in snow or salt from the footpath.

Add Snuggly Pillows

Finally, an excuse to buy one of those large furry pillows! To make your space look and feel cozier, add one or two textured throw pillows to your couch (or simply change the covers on your existing pillows). Other possibilities include a nubby boucle, a woolly cable knit, or a rich velvet.

Warmth Added Underfoot.

When it's warm outside, sisal and flat-weave rugs are ideal, but in the winter, you want something with a little more pile. If you don't have enough money to buy a large area rug, consider layering smaller rugs in strategic places, such as next to the bed, under the coffee table, or in front of your favorite reading chair.

Think About Soft Lighting

It's tempting to go to bed around 7 p.m. as the nights grow darker earlier. Resist the harsh overhead lighting by fitting table lamps with warm-toned LED lights for a cozy candle-lit glow that will keep you awake.

Rethink Your Sofa Covers

If you have slip-covered furniture even if you don't but have a standard-sized sofa—try a new slipcover for the wintertime. To make the living room feel cozier, choose a deep jewel tone and a gentler fabric than your standard crisp white cotton.

Kitchen Linens Should Be Layered.

Begin with a small kitchen rug in front of the sink, a runner or tablecloth on the breakfast table, and linen slipcases on your wooden or metal cafe chairs. It will feel a little warmer if you can put a layer of fabric between yourself and bare wood or tile.

This guide should help you to make your home cozier, just in time for Christmas. Do you have any other tips that can help? Please share a few of them in the comments below.

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