Cool Bathroom Upgrades You Need

23 October 2021

Is there really anything better than changing up the bathroom of the house? It’s the smallest room in the house for most of us because it’s a room of function. You shower, you brush your teeth, you use the toilet - it’s not one that you hang out in to watch TV or socialise with your pals. It makes sense that this room is usually the last one to be given any level of attention, but that doesn't mean that you can’t upgrade your bathroom so that it becomes more modern!

It’s actually easier than you think to figure out the necessary upgrades to make your bathroom more modern and look beautiful once again. The good news for you is that we have all the tips that you need to upgrade your bathroom and truly embrace it being cooler than you’ve ever had it before! You might need to call a local plumber if the upgrades you need to do are more difficult or involve the pipework, but on the surface there are also so many things that you can do. Let’s take a look at some of the best suggestions that you can enjoy to improve your bathroom.

  1. Adding a rain shower. You know when you go to a posh hotel and it has one of those rainfall showers that feels like you are standing in a downpour? Well, they’ve become very popular in the home at the moment! They offer a lighter water pressure, so while you won’t get that ‘power shower’ effect you can really enjoy the calming effect it can add to your bathroom. Don't forget to make sure that the shower itself is doorless if you want that truly relaxing experience.

  2. A repaint. Sometimes, the best advancement that you can give to your bathroom is a new lick of paint. Darker, statement walls give the bathroom a rich, deep look. It’s common for people to choose to go monochromatic with black and white everything for the bathroom, but it doesn't make the space look as inviting as, say, a deep purple or navy on one wall. It makes the bathroom look more mysterious, adding intimacy to the room in a moment.

  3. Flowers. Did you know that flowers are for more than just the dining room or the lounge? One of the best things that you can add to your bathroom is a floral arrangement, but you can be smart here. Choose flowers that thrive in moist environments such as orchids. This will help you to add some nature and life to the space, and as orchids are such interesting plants, they’re the perfect way to give your bathroom depth.

  4. Embrace pebbles. Pebble flooring is becoming a thing in recent years and for a good reason. Bathrooms are all about natural elements - water, being the main one. If you can ensure that your bathroom embraces natural elements, you will be able to enjoy the clean, round stones that are naturally there to complement the water. Natural pebbles also provide the floor with some traction so that you don’t slip over!

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