Baking Essentials That Every Home Cook Shouldn’t Be Without

28 October 2021

Baking at home can be a mystery to some people. It can feel extremely daunting as well, but there are a couple of ways to help you get started. In most cases, having the right tools is the big hurdle because baking requires some very specific appliances and essentials that make things a lot easier. Need to mix something? A stand mixer is going to save you a lot of time and effort as opposed to whisking. Want to bake things in specific shapes and batches? You’ll need a collection of tins and pans to make things easier.

So in this post, we’ll be covering some of the most important baking essentials (and also some rather niche but helpful items) that every home cook needs.

A big and clean work surface

No matter how much you want to bake, you’re not going to get very far without a large clean surface to work on. If you feel like your kitchen is too small, then you can invest in a few small kitchen ideas to help you improve the amount of space you have. In most cases, you might find yourself doing any rolling and shaping on a separate table in the house instead of doing it in the kitchen.

Set of common baking tools

  • Measuring tools such as cups for liquids and dry ingredients, and also a scale for measuring weights.
  • Wooden utensils and a rubber spatula or scraper.
  • A set of baking tins in sizes and shapes that you’ll be using.
  • A good whisk.
  • Kitchen scissors (also known as shears).
  • Sturdy rolling pin, and perhaps a smaller rolling pin if you plan to work on smaller pastries.
  • Wire rack for cooling things.
  • Hand or stand mixer.

No matter if you’re baking a cake, designing cookies or glazing cinnamon scrolls, you need to have the right tools to make things easier.

Whipped cream dispenser

While fairly niche even among home chefs, a whipped cream dispenser is surprisingly helpful for creating your own whipped creams that are much better than canned varieties. You’ll need to buy some cream chargers now and then to aerate the cream properly, but these are fairly inexpensive and can easily be bought in bulk for all of your different needs. Just make sure to keep a stock of them when you’re making cakes and other baked goods that use a lot of whipped cream.

Prep trolley

A prep trolley is essentially just a small trolley on wheels that you can use to place all of your ingredients. It also has a relatively large surface on top which can be used for placing your dough and shaping things. Trolleys are helpful because they can move around with ease so you can do your baking and mixing somewhere more convenient before bringing it into the kitchen, and it also helps you organise all of your ingredients as you put something together.

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