The Countries Famous For Tea, How Many Have You Visited?

29 November 2021

Tea is grown and produced in many countries around the world. We are happy to give you a brief overview of the most important and well-known tea-growing areas. 

Traditionally, tea has been cultivated in the following countries for many years or centuries: China, Japan, India, Nepal, Taiwan, etc. 

So as travellers, how many tea crafting countries can you tick off your list? 

Not only is it historical in many ways, but tea symbolises much more than just history, but also culture.

Tea cultivation in China:

The tea has been grown and produced in China for many centuries. According to the latest research, the tea culture in China goes back more than 4000 years, making it the oldest tea culture in the world. 

The Chinese tea-growing areas are famous for their specialties - teas. The largest tea-growing areas are in southern China. There, green and black teas are picked and processed. Around 3/4 of the Chinese teas are green teas. 

The green tea tradition is very much upheld in China. The best green teas come from the period between mid-April and mid-May. But very well-known and popular black teas are also grown in China. 

The black tea from Yunnan Province is well known. This is also known as highland tea. A very well-known Chinese tea is the China jasmine tea.

Tea cultivation in Japan:

According to tradition, Buddhist monks brought tea to Japan around 1000 years ago and cultivated it there. In Japan only green tea is grown and produced. Even so, the Japanese demand for tea outstrips the market. So Japan, as a large tea-growing region, still has to import tea. 

The most famous type of tea that is grown in Japan is the green tea Japan Sencha. Matcha tea is used as a tea specialty for special tea ceremonies. Of course there is also bubble tea and pearl milk tea to consider! All great choices.

Tea growing area India:

Many well-known and popular teas come from the tea-growing region of India. The tea growing areas in India are the largest in the world. Despite this huge tea production in India, the Indian population consumes around 85% of their own tea. 

The best-known Indian teas are Darjeeling tea and Assam tea. In the north of the country on the border with Nepal, the tea of ​​the same name is grown around the city of Darjeeling. 

Darjeeling tea is known for its special goodness and quality. 
The tea gardens and tea-growing areas of Darjeeling tea are located on the southern slopes of the Himalayas at an altitude of up to 2800m.

The very changeable weather conditions and solar radiation create the extraordinary and flowery aroma of Darjeeling teas. In the northeast of the country is the state of Assam with many mountains, some of which are over 2000m high. The tea plantations in Assam form the largest contiguous tea growing area in the world. 

Due to the subtropical climate in the growing areas, Assam is very strong and spicy in taste.

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