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9 December 2021

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If it's time for you to buy a home, you need to get the best mortgage quotes to ensure you get the most suitable deal for your circumstances and don't pay too much for the property. You can find the best mortgage quotes by yourself, but it's helpful to consult a mortgage advisor as well.

First Time Buyer

There are some advantages to being a first-time buyer; sometimes, mortgage lenders have offers available for first-time buyers and the process of acquiring a home after you put down a deposit is faster. But there’s also some drawbacks when finding the best Mortgage Quotes.

Unless you have the help of a mortgage advisor, you might end up paying more for your home than you expected. If you broker a deal on your own, there can be additional legal and operational fees to account for that will be considered in your broker's mortgage quotes.

Buy to Rent

If you intend to buy a flat or a house and rent it out long term, you will need a buy-to-rent mortgage, which is slightly different to a residential one. With a buy-to-rent mortgage, you must put down a higher deposit, and you only pay off the interest each month rather than the sum.

There are a couple of ways to find the best mortgage quotes for buy-to-rent properties; you can use a mortgage broker to find the best deals - a good strategy - or you can use an online calculator to find out what you will pay on for target property, it's sensible to use them both.


Remortgaging is used to get better mortgage deals on properties you already own. So if you have a residential property on a fixed-rate mortgage, you might be able to negotiate your mortgage deal and get a better monthly price; remortgaging is popular and successful idea.

A further advantage to remortgaging your home is that you can release some cash from your mortgage that you can use for home improvements or an overdue holiday. To find the best mortgage quotes for remortgaging, talk to your mortgage lender or your individual broker.


Fixed-rate mortgages are a popular option for first-time buyers. A fixed-rate mortgage is one where you pay the same premium every month regardless of changes to the interest rates. This means that first time buyers need to worry less about quick changes in the property market.

Still, it's important to get the right mortgage deal with a fixed-rate mortgage, even more, important perhaps, because you might not get the chance to switch your terms for a while. Once again, the best deals can be found by a broker who can get you the best mortgage quotes.

Variable Rate

A variable rate mortgage is another popular option because it gives you the chance to pay off your mortgage faster if the interest rates change. If the interest rates fall, it means your monthly payments go further; talk to your lender about getting better variable mortgage quotes and save.

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