What To Wear When You Are Exercising

4 November 2021

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Whether you want to do some gentle yoga exercises, head out on a run or go to a fitness class at your local gym, you will want to wear suitable clothing for this occasion. It doesn’t need to be really expensive clothing, especially if you are only exercising occasionally but just the correct type so that you are dressed appropriately. So here is a round up of some of the items you will want to be wearing so that you are comfortable and ready for your next fitness session.

Comfortable Clothing

This will be the first thing you will want to get right, wearing the correct attire. If you are going to be doing an intense workout then it will be better to wear man made fabrics that will absorb your sweat and not cling to you. 

Fabrics like cotton which would generally be good for letting your skin breath, would in this instance not be ideal because they take a long time to dry out properly, and would just stick to your skin when sweating. 

Correct Footwear

You will also want the correct type of footwear. It will depend on the type of exercise you will be doing but generally a good comfortable pair of trainers will be suitable. When you are going for a run, you will want trainers that emulate the shape of your foot as opposed to wearing a pair that is going to enable your foot to move about when jogging. 

Spending a little bit of money on a really comfortable pair will be worth it so that you do not end up with sore feet, blisters and an ankle sprain.

A Sports Bra

Whether you are doing some gentle yoga exercises or a full on sweaty session at the gym, it is still good to wear a sports bra. It will stop them from bouncing around but is also good for helping to prevent back pain or discomfort.

Cotton Underwear

Cotton underwear is ideal because it allows your skin to breathe and can be more comfortable on your skin, particularly in any delicate areas. 

Prepare For Time of the Month

When it is near to that time of the month, if you don’t know when exactly you are due to start your period, it is useful to pop panty liners on, just in case, especially if you are heading out on a run or to the gym. At least that way you won’t be caught off guard if it begins while you are exercising. It gives you that extra peace of mind that you won't be leaking through any of your pants!

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