5 Must-Have Tools For DIY Home Improvement Projects

11 November 2021

If you find yourself taking on new home improvement projects regularly, you are not alone. Research has shown that about 57% of Australians prefer taking on their home improvement needs on themselves. Further studies suggest that 73% of millennials take on the most DIY projects, while only 27% hire professionals. 

DIY projects can be cost-efficient, fun, and rewarding. They also offer an opportunity to develop your skills and learn new ones. However, you can only benefit from such projects if you have the right tools in the first place. So, what means must you have for your DIY home improvement projects? 
Here's a list of the five essential tools.

The internet

If you are new to home DIY projects, you can benefit from the many online resources. The internet offers tons of tutorials and guides to help you perform even the most complicated tasks. 

Numerous blogs are dedicated to providing tutorials on how to complete various projects on your own. Platforms such as YouTube and Pinterest also provide video tutorials and ideas that can help you complete your DIY project.

Safety Glasses

Regardless of how skilled you are, protection- especially protecting your eyes, is paramount. Safety glasses are must-haves, and this is even more practical when dealing with tasks that create debris, such as drilling, sawing, or breaking. 

By using safety glasses, you prevent issues of eye irritability or injury from falling options or elements that may be harmful to your eyes.

Claw Hammer

Almost every home DIY project requires the use of a hammer. Hammers are helpful for your woodworking projects, furniture mounting, hanging art pieces, and frames in the house. However, claw hammers aren't just suitable for pinning down nails. 

Their pronged claws help pull out nails too. Most claw hammer handles are made from steel, fibreglass, or wood. It is advisable to choose steel or fibreglass options as they come with plastic, vinyl, or rubber handles for comfort and shock absorption- making them safer.


Screwdrivers, whether a flat-blade screwdriver, a Pozidriv, a Phillips screwdriver, is also essential for your home DIY projects. The screwdriver you would need would depend on the screws used. So, how many do you need? A set of four screwdrivers are recommended for beginners. 

This should include a 6-inch-long screwdriver with a straight head and thin shaft and an 8 to 12 inches thick model with a straight head. A pair of 4 to 6-inch screwdriver models with crossed heads can also come in handy. These can be useful for dealing with different types of screws when changing your cabinet handles, replacing your outlet cover plates, door knobs or installing a towel bar.

Cordless Drill

The cordless drill is one of the most common and convenient DIY tools. The drill is a powerful and versatile tool you need for your workstation. Many options are available depending on your drill bit when driving nails or drilling holes. While it is helpful to expand your drill bits collection, you will get more from a cordless drill. An 18 or 20 volts cordless drill should have enough power for most of your DIY projects.

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