House Checks You Should Be Doing Every Year

30 December 2021

Is your house falling down? You might have no idea. We often live in our homes day to day, expecting everything to continue running as they should.

Of course, that’s not how it works in practice. Homes don’t just hum along without our intervention. 
Fortunately, you can actually do a lot of these checks yourself. You don’t need to be a trained engineer. There are some that you can’t, but that’s okay –  you can just hire somebody to do it for you.

#1: Check Your Fences

Fences (along with roofs) are among the first things on your property to show signs of wear and tear. Sheer exposure to the elements puts them at risk.

Give your fences a once over. Check that they’re not poking out of the ground at weird angles or have loose posts that might get blown about by the wind. If you have a broken fence panel, replace it so that it doesn’t put extra strain on the surrounding fencing elements.

#2: Check Peeling Paint Or Problems With Siding

Take a look at the exterior of your house and look for any issues with the paint, siding or stucco. Resolve small problems before they become big problems.

#3: Check The Chimney

Chimney stacks are more prone to weathering than any other part of your home. In fact, they can sometimes collapse, even if you recently had your roof redone. Cold, rain, and ice eat away at the structure, leaving it weak and vulnerable.

Usually, the solution is repointing, something that you’ll need to pay a professional to do.

#4: Check Your Outlets And Appliances

You’ll want to carry out electrical safety checks on your whole property, particularly if you have kids. Problems with the electrics could result in dangerous electrocutions.

Check all your appliances and outlets. Make sure that they function to the required standard. Ensure that there are no short circuits or appliances drawing more power than they should.

#5: Check Your Porches

Because porches stick out from the rest of the house, they are at higher risk of developing problems. They are particularly prone to sagging roofs, loose rails and damaged steps. Also, if wood is part of your porch construction, check it from rot and general wear and tear. Sometimes the prevailing wind is unfavourable, leading to rapid damage.

#6: Check Your Gutters And Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are essential features of your home. They remove water from your property and stop it from making its way into the brickwork or foundations.

Sometimes, though, it gets clogged with leaves, particularly around autumn. Get a handyman with a ladder to clean out both the gutters and downspouts for you every season so that they don’t prevent water from draining.

#7: Check Your Burner For Rust Flakes

If you have a burner, turn it off and check the interior for rust flakes. The flame should be blue, not yellow. If you have a yellow flame, it suggests a soot problem that you need to solve.