3 Quick & Easy Ways To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

7 January 2022

You spend a lot of time in your home, so it’s only natural to make it as comfortable as you possibly can. Part of this means you focus on the interior design and making the most out of the space you’ve been given. You want your house to feel cosy and liveable, rather than cramped and stuffy. Having said that, there are other elements of a home that need to be addressed to make it comfy. We’re focusing on one of those elements today: indoor air quality.

If your house has poor air quality, it won’t feel nice to be in. It can be overly dusty, causing allergies and breathing problems. Not only that, but it can also smell quite weird too! As such, you’ll be grateful to know that improving your air quality is very easy and can be done quickly in three simple steps:

Clean your air conditioning system

Do you have an HVAC system in your home - or just an AC unit? If so, part of its job is to ventilate the air in your home. An air conditioner takes air from inside your home and puts it outside. But, it also takes air from outside and brings it in, making it cooler. 

Unfortunately, if your air conditioning system hasn’t been cleaned, loads of bacteria and harmful substances can linger in the vents. As a result, you might unknowingly be pumping these things into your home. So, a spot of air conditioning cleaning is all that’s needed to ensure the air quality improves. A simple place to start, and you can now move on to step number two!

Open your windows

Keep your windows open for at least an hour a day, every single day. Obviously, if you have an AC unit, don’t turn it on at this point or you’re wasting electricity. Opening your windows allows fresh air to circulate your home, encouraging dirty air to drift outside. This is particularly effective at making your home smell fresher - and you genuinely notice a difference in the air quality. It just feels different, you can’t really describe it, but with every breath, you know you’re breathing in cleaner and healthier air.

Get an air purifier

Lastly, you should buy an air purifier to keep in your home. It’s not a massive device, and you can place it on a desk or table in any room you please. Effectively, this device will extract pollutants and any other harmful things from the air. It’s very good at removing dust particles and other allergens from the air, leaving you with better air to breathe in. 

Basically, it does exactly what it claims to do: purify the air. If you have allergies, you’ll immediately notice that it’s easier to breathe when you have an air purifier in your home. Put it on at night, in your bedroom, and you should wake up without a stuffy nose for once!

If anyone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, good air quality is essential for their health. But, even if everyone is healthy, it’s nice to have good air to make your home feel even more comfortable.