Why We're All So Obsessed With Cosy Living

13 January 2022

Before the pandemic, a lot of people saw their homes as places they slept for a few hours between stints at the office. But thanks to various lockdowns, that’s all changing. People are taking advantage of their personal space more than ever before. Demand for candles, squishy sofas and comfortable bedding is exploding.

We Appreciate The Space That We Have More

When you are in your home all the time, you begin to appreciate the space more. At least, that’s the lesson that many people are learning. They’re discovering that their environment has a massive impact on how they feel.

In the past, most people spent between 10 and 12 hours out of the home, so the amount of time they had to enjoy it was rather limited. But with changes in how people live, that’s no longer the case. The home environment is now arguably more important than the office.

There’s More Interest In The Cosy Concept

While it might sound like a strange thing to say, cosiness isn’t something that the rest of the world strives for. In many cases, people from developing countries only know what it means because they have seen images of fluffy pillows in western bedrooms.

However, the movement is a little bit like hygge – it’s taking over. Everyone now recognises the value and benefit that being cosy brings, especially if you are going to be in the house all day.

Psychologically, this desire for cosiness appears to be coming from a need to “cocoon.” People want to wrap themselves in layers, perhaps figuratively protecting themselves from the pandemic and all the stresses and strains of life.

Since 2019, people searching for cosy concept fixtures and fittings, such as floating shelves, has risen by more than 46 percent. Demand for so-called “lounge suits” has doubled in the space of just two years.

It’s A State Of Mind

There’s also the fact that being cosy is a state of mind. It’s a sort of nostalgia in a way where people are trying to recreate the comfort they experienced during childhood.

You can think of it as an adult version of the fluffy pillows and cuddly toys that homeowners had in their bedrooms as children. People want a space where they feel absolutely comfortable and can be themselves. If they can’t do that outside of the home, they want to make sure that they can inside.

We Want To Return To Nature

Lastly, some researchers think that the cosy concept is an attempt by the human psyche to return to nature. It’s a kind of “biophilia” as some of the experts like to say.

Cosy aesthetics will often include plants and natural textures. Many people imagine sitting next to a roaring fire, enjoying a warm drink, as our ancestors would have once done. For others, being cosy is making sure that they have good views of nature from inside the home, perhaps by installing a picture window. Even candles have a natural charm about them because of their simplicity.