The Statement On My Statement Wall

29 April 2022

You've probably had that conversation with friends and relatives before about the one wall in your living room that feels a little naked. The room naturally directs people to a wall, either through the door and window placement or the way you've arranged your furniture. But you're not quite sure what to do with that particular wall.

It's a statement wall, your interior decor fanatic friends say.

It sounds good. Talking about statement walls sure does one look like a professional interior designer. But what does it actually mean? A statement wall is designed to make a decorative statement, and, frankly, you've got no idea of where to start. If you don't have the budget to call in an interior architect, here are some ideas to put the missing statement into your decor.

How about Sitting in front of the Fire with a Cup of Hot Chocolate?

If this sounds like a dream, you may want to think about adding a fireplace to your statement wall. You can install a range of gas fireplaces in modern properties as long as they're connected to the local gas network. Unlike a traditional fireplace, a gas-powered one can be a freestanding addition to the room. Get the oversized cushions, the blanket, and the reindeer headband to complete the Christmas feel!

Can I make it a Green Wall?

Why not? You can exhibit your potted plant collection, turning your wall into an indoor Eden garden. Tall plants, such as trees or even English Ivy, create an elegant backdrop, especially if you want to showcase your home in your next Zoom meeting.
You can also use hanging baskets and shelves to maximise vertical storage and create a balanced green wall.
You can also create a natural mural, which will require the addition of a supportive platform. Natural murals are best suited for small plants, such as succulent plants and organic moss.

Geometric Painting to Catch Your Eyes and Your Heart

Paint can be your best friend when it comes to elevating your statement wall. Thankfully, you don't need to be a certified and experienced artist to create elegant geometric patterns. Geometric designs rely on two indispensable tools: quality painter's tape — Frog tape is a favourite for DIY artists — and an eye for colours. Unsure where to start? You can take a look at some of these geometric wall paint decors for inspiration. Popular patterns are easy to replicate, using the painter's tape to trace geometric shapes.

Ideally, you want to add the pattern on top of an already painted wall. So, if you are starting from scratch, you'll need to wait until the coat is fully dry before placing the tape on the wall.

Hopefully, these few ideas can inspire you to make the most of your unused wall. Needless to say, there are many other solutions to make your statement wall stand out, such as creating a gallery wall or placing a bookcase of your favourite novels. Additionally, changing the decor inside the room could also reduce the focus on the wall, which means you don't need to worry about the statement wall anymore.