How To Improve People's Perception Of You

7 May 2022

Let's face it: people are judgemental - even if they tell you otherwise. They can't help it because it's human nature, and everyone has an opinion or view of virtually any subject, person, or group.

You're probably reading this because you want to improve how people perceive you, whether in a social setting, a job interview, or simply going for a walk.

But, you're unsure of the best ways to achieve that goal. Take a look at the following tips and tricks to inspire you and help you get perceived in a more positive light by anyone you come across in your daily life:

Learn To Be Happy

The first thing you need to do is work on being a happy soul. If you're always sad, grumpy, or generally giving off negative vibes, people aren't likely to associate themselves with you. That's why you should work on making yourself happy. Obviously, that's not necessarily an easy task. 

Yes, people can't be happy 24/7. But, you can work on ways to be happy for most of your waking hours!

Smile A Lot

Another way to boost people's positive perception of you is by smiling a lot. Smile at people you come across each day, and you'll notice your positivity gets absorbed by them!

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, consider looking at articles from authors like Ramy Georgy to learn about the ways to improve your smile.

Help Those In Need

Being a selfless person is another excellent way to have other people think highly of you.

While no one is asking you to devote each day to charitable causes, you should consider doing selfless acts for people, such as helping those in need - even if it's just lending your ears to someone feeling sad or distressed.

Stand Up Straight, Don't Slouch!

Are you someone that slouches a lot when they sit down? If so, you should work on your posture and put those shoulders back!

While your back and neck will thank you for working on your posture, you'll also notice something interesting: people will perceive you as being confident.

Work on Your Eye Contact

Whenever you talk to people each day, one thing you should always do is maintain eye contact. If you aren't looking people in their eyes when they talk to you, they'll assume you don't care about what they have to say and think negatively of you.

Avoid Toxic People

One final tip to bear in mind is how you should avoid associating with toxic people. In case you didn't know, a toxic person is someone that tries to influence or control you by making you agree with their negative outlook on life, people, or specific topics.

What you've read on this blog post so far is by no means a definitive list of what you should do to look and feel great and portray a more positive self-image.

It concentrates on things to consider that will offer the best impact for boosting people's perception of you and get them to see you in a positive light.