Why the Best Gardens Have A Pool

19 November 2022

If you have space in your garden, one of the nicest things you can add to your garden is a pool. Some people opt for a natural pool, but most people opt for a traditional pool. It has been shown that having a pool in your backyard is great for your lifestyle and overall health.

So why should you consider a pool in your backyard - no matter where you live?

No Crowds!

Outdoor pools and beaches in the summer can be packed with people. Parking is a nightmare, and you can’t find a decent spot to sit close to the water. If the weather suddenly turns cold or rainy, you don’t have to join the crowds of people running back to the car and packing everything up, racing against the wind or rain. You can just go inside!


Those who have children know how much they love to play in the water in the summer months. Having a pool in the garden cuts out the cost of paying for the swimming pool or needing to take smaller ones to the beach and be on high alert for hours.

For those who don’t have children but there are young children in the family, or your friends have children, a pool is a great place for them to hang out safely while you hang out with the adults - of course, with a watchful eye on the pool too!

Social Gatherings

A new swimming pool is a reason enough to get together, but if you and your friends often have trouble deciding where to go, a backyard with a pool is a perfect choice every time, especially when the hot weather can make heading to bars and clubs a sticky situation.

Having your own pool means that you and your friends and family can swim and enjoy the garden any time of year (if you’ve got a heated pool).

Low maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions about having a swimming pool in the garden is that they need a lot of maintenance. Most pools are fitted with filters and automatic pool cleaners. It will only take a short time to make sure it is clean and ready to use.

If you want a deeper clean, typically, the company that installed the pool has a maintenance and cleaning service that can be done regularly.


When you have a pool nearby that you can use in private whenever you want, you are much more likely to swim for a small amount every day. Over time your fitness will increase, and your health will improve.

It’s not just swimming, though. When you have a pool, you are more likely to spend more time outside too. Which in turn is great for boosting vitamin D levels - which we could all do more of.

Having a place that you can use freely and when you have time can be part of how you can take care of yourself as a parent: 5 Ways To Nurture Your Health As A Busy Parent | Permanent Procrastination.