Common Home Crises And How To Deal With Them

3 December 2022

They say that home is where the heart is, but what happens when you experience a crisis in the place that you hold most dear? Well, it's easy to freak out and lose your cool, but the truth of the matter is, even in the midst of a home crisis there are actions you can take that can help.

Read on to find out some of the most common crises, and how to deal with them in my post below.

Your House Floods

Whether it's caused by a leaky washing machine, heavy rainfall or something else, experiencing flooding in your home can be devastating. There’s not only the immediate danger that excess water causes when mixed with electricity to worry about, but also the damage that can occur after a flood.

Indeed, floods can wreak havoc in your home as they soak your floors, walls, and carpets which can be particularly hard to dry out. However, fast action is crucial here because the quicker you can return these things to their dry state, the less damage they will experience overall.

With that in mind, recruiting the help of a specialist who deals with flood repairs is the best course of action. This is because they will have the expertise and equipment to help you get things like your carpet dried out fast after a flood which can help prevent expensive and unpleasant damage like mould and rot.

You get Overrun with Clutter

Clutter may not immediately seem like a crisis, but it can certainly turn into one if it's left too long unattended. This is because clutter takes up valuable space in your home, makes your property harder to keep clean, and can seriously impact your mental health.

Most clutter solutions like Konmari encourage an all-or-nothing approach to sort through your items and declutter your home. Yet, there are also some less extreme, but similarly effective ways to prevent clutter from swelling up your space. You can read about some of them here.

You find Mouse Droppings in your Kitchen

Finding a mouse dropping in the kitchen can seem like a good reason to panic. After all, rodents can carry all sorts of diseases.

If you find any signs of rodents in your kitchen the best thing to do is thoroughly disinfect the area, as well as all surfers including the floor. Your next steps should be to lay traps to catch the unwanted intruders which you can then release back into the wild well away from your home.

You can also take some steps to discourage mice and rodents from entering your home in the first place. In particular making sure all food items are safely stored away in closed cupboards, and blocking any entrance holes into your space can be effective.