How to Create a Hallmark Home for Christmas

3 December 2022

Are you bored with the same old Christmas decorations in your home? 
Do you want something more festive and traditional? 

Why not learn from the best and turn the fictional decoration from a Hallmark movie set into a reality in your home this Christmas? 

Fairy Lights

Every winter season Hallmark has a range of made-for-TV Christmas movies to watch. They are warm, welcoming, predictable, and super seasonal. One of the first things you notice about them is the fairy lights which are present in almost every scene. Fairy lights make Christmas.

Fairy lights are beautiful, and in many ways, you can't go wrong with them; place them anywhere in the home, and they look lovely. The only thing you have to watch out for is the cost; buying them can add up, so get ones that are shorter and less pricey. Put lights everywhere.

Lovely Garlands

Again, those spectacular Christmas scenes in the Hallmark movies are full of garlands. Garlands at Christmas are unique and special; they show that someone has made an effort for the season and brings some elegance to the home. Hallmark garlands tend to be quite lavish.

There are expensive and less expensive ways to make your Hallmark home. When it comes to garlands, there's no reason you can't splash out on expensive decorations, but if you want a budget-friendly option, choose a cheaper garland and intertwine it with fairy lights for effect.

Christmas Colours

Hallmark movies are all about old-school Christmas values like family, singing, and gifting, so it's not surprising that scenes also contain traditional Christmas colour schemes. When it comes to Christmas colours, it's best to stick with red, green, gold, and silver for the perfect Hallmark feel.

The reason most homes and local areas don't have a Hallmark presence, even though they use the right colours, decorations, and lights, is the intention of the overall production. Creating a Hallmark home with gives you a focus and theme for the best results.

Cosy Rooms

It doesn't have to be the perfect white Christmas outside for you to feel cozy and winter warmth in the home, and that's the atmosphere you want to go for when you create a Hallmark Home of the winter season. Watch any of the movies, and you notice candles and burning log fireplaces.

Create the perfect cozy home for Christmas by lighting candles and your fireplace if possible. Don't forget to hang stockings to complete the Christmas ambience in the home. When your Hallmark home is ready, it's time to curl up on the couch to watch a Hallmark movie.

Christmas Tree

A Hallmark Christmas would not be complete without a Christmas tree; these are the classic trees you see in the movies and department stores at this time of the year; they have gold stars on the top, giant festive bows, and the perfect arrangement of lovely Christmas lights. 

Whether you start or finish with the tree, make it the centrepiece of your annual Hallmark home.