How Do You Make Your Garden More Low-Maintenance?

13 December 2023

Many people want a garden but not everyone likes gardening. Having a garden adds more chores to your list, which can put you off doing anything with your outdoor space. Owning a garden doesn't have to mean that you have a lot of work on your hands, though. 

It is possible to cultivate a garden without actually having to spend huge amounts of time tending to it. It can take some time to set up, but once everything is in place, you might not have to pay much attention to your garden. Try these low-maintenance tips to get your garden set up.

Pick Tough Plants and Grasses

If low-maintenance is what you're looking for, you want plants and grasses that are hardy. The tougher they are, the more they can survive without you having to pay constant attention to them. When you're choosing grass, look for options like Empire Zoysia grass that have been shown to do well in Australia. Grass that doesn't need to be mown as often is always a great pick for a low-maintenance garden. Native plants work well and won't need you to tend to them much. So look for Australian plants that will do well in your local climate.

Image from Pexels - CC0 Licence

Choose Paving Over Plants

Another option for low maintenance is to avoid plants altogether or at least reduce them. Not everyone really wants to have lots of plants or a lawn. Lawns can require a lot of care and a lot of water, so choosing paving instead can be better for the environment and help you save time. There are many different types of paving you could choose, including different materials and designs. You could have a patio or other areas for sitting and socialising, as well as paths that lead around your garden.

Use Large Pots and Planters

Small pots generally require more frequent watering. They dry out more quickly so you have to keep giving them more water to ensure the plants in them can survive. If you want to have to water less frequently, larger pots and planters are the better choice. Use large pots or raised planters for plants you won't have to be so attentive to. Larger planters can also allow plants to grow a bit more, so you won't have to prune them back so often. Many larger pots can still be moved too, allowing you to easily shift them elsewhere if necessary.

Let Your Garden Grow

Who says you have to keep your garden looking prim and proper? There's something to be said for letting it grow a little wild, and it's something a lot more people are choosing to do. Not only does it mean you can save time but the results can also be beautiful. A slightly wilder garden can be a charming option. Of course, you don't want it to get too out of control, so you still need to maintain it occasionally.

A low-maintenance garden can be a much more pleasant thing to own. You get the benefits of a garden without the stress.