What To Do When You Find A Crack In Your House

13 December 2023

What state is your home in? Maybe it’s a bit messy and needs a deep clean? Maybe you’d like to convert the spare room from just being used for excess storage? Well, a bit of organisation is good every now and then!

However, what do you do when you find some structural integrity issues when you’re clearing out? Indeed, you’ve found a crack or a hole somewhere. What should you do to prevent the issue from getting any bigger? Here are the tips to follow at a time like this.

How Deep Does the Crack Go?

This is the first thing to determine. How deep does the crack go? Whether it’s in the floor, wall, or ceiling, you can conduct some tests. Firstly, can you see through the crack? If it’s deep enough to reveal the inner wall or insulation, you could probably do a DIY fix with some patching you can buy straight from the store. The same goes for being able to see visible depth; if you can see where the crack stops, again you can get away with just patching it up for later.

However, if you notice air or light is streaming in, there’s a good chance the crack is a lot deeper than you want it to be! If you’ve noticed a draught peeling through the house as well, or maybe the attic is getting a bit damp seemingly out of nowhere, it’s time to call someone in.

Call a Specialist

You’re unlikely to be able to do a proper roofing repair yourself. It’s hard to get up there, it’s hard to stay safe and stable up there, and even working from the inside can be tricky. How can you be sure you’ve patched the hole properly if you can’t survey the entire worksite?

Work safely here. Call in a specialist to get the job done for you. You’re also likely to save money via this method, as there’s little chance it’s going to go wrong and cost you more in the future. It also means the problem is out of your hair - you’ve noticed a crack or a hole somewhere important, and you’ve got a professional in to sort it out - no need to worry.

Can You DIY a Fix?

Of course, if you’re determined to get the job done yourself, you can always try to DIY a fix. To do this, you first need to make sure that the problem doesn’t extend deeper into the structure. But once you’ve done that, you can get some filler, a bit of sandpaper, and some paint, wood, or wallpaper (if need be.)

You can then just follow the instructions on the filler pot, or use a Youtube tutorial to guide you. Once it’s all done with, you might not even notice that a crack used to be there!

If you find a crack in your home, don’t panic! 
You’ve got a good chance of fixing it without any drama, even when DIY-ing.