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29 Nov 2015

I get complimented a lot on my earrings and rings and general jewellery and accessories, and I don't even mix them up day to day. I'm the kind of girl who gets good quality pieces that are versatile and go with everything. So there's no need to swap them with different outfits, they just always look good. 

I managed to pick up a few more pieces while I was in Sydney as well. I'm a silver gal, specifically sterling silver. I often find that jewellery made with sterling silver is not that much more expensive than if it's silver plated, but it outlives it with no comparison. All of my jewellery is sterling silver. I no longer even bother with silver plated. What a waste of money. 

The End of an Error - How I Got My Domain Back

28 Nov 2015

Did it ever feel like this day would come?? It didn't for me, especially after my last crazed blog post how they wanted to sell my domain back to me for thousands of dollars. As well as charging me for actually contacting the person. 

I was finally sick of everyone's shit and after going to the hideous page that appeared when you clicked on I clicked their ugly button of "BUY THIS DOMAIN".

But it wasn't a simple add to cart, it was a message system where you had to make an offer and talk to the seller. I typed $150 into the offer box, and it said dun dun, this offer is too low, domains on here often go for thousands of dollars!

While I know that that is a thing, it is certainly not a thing that includes my blog domain name. So I sent them a quick message. 

Hi there, i would like to buy back my domain name. There is no way it is worth thousands of dollars, it is literally worthless to anyone but me as I have the corresponding blog name. If you are willing to offer it at a realistic price, let me know. 

Domain Nightmares - Part 2

24 Nov 2015

ARGH! Just when I thought I had hit the epitome of stupid. Apparently I had not. I had only just hit the surface. If you are completely unaware what I'm talking about, I deleted my domain because I was apparently completely unaware about SO MANY THINGS. Like transferring domains, and redemption periods and their fees. 

To give you a base run down, after I ever so stupidly deleted my domain. Crazy Domains has a redemption fee of $140 to restore the domain. I ranted and raved, then decided to pay the fee. You have to fill out a physical form with all the details and then photocopy and email it through. 

I received confirmation that they received it, but no one did anything! It was suppose to take a minimum of 10 working days after they start processing the payment, and nothing was happening. They claimed they didn't receive the email, I sent them the order number that said they did, then oh yes they did receive it after all. Few more days, still no progress, no money taken. 

Fuck it! I backorder the domain on another domain server, so that it would grab it when it came available. I can't really afford to spend $140 AUD on my domain, just because I'm an idiot. So I contacted the domain server and said whatever don't take the money, just leave it. Screw you guys basically. 

Just Six Minutes

19 Nov 2015

I don't get fired up about much stuff. I can probably count on one maybe two hands, topics that I am passionate enough about to actually argue with someone about. Because I am incredibly chill. You know those people who seriously just want to have a heated discussion about everything, they are just waiting for you to disagree?? Not me. If it's not important, I'll just nod along. I couldn't care less. 

Animals are right up the top of the short list of things I will passionately argue about. People that laugh or are indifferent to animal abuse. Oh they make my blood boil. I'm not a confrontational person at all. I will avoid confrontation endlessly. But don't you dare leave your dog in the car. 

Chilling in a Blanket Fort with Giant Uni

18 Nov 2015

How fun are blanket forts! I wrote a guide for Smoko Inc on how to build a great one! Including all the supplies you will need and how super easy it is. I put mine together in about half an hour. But the more time and effort you put into your blanket fort, the better it will be!

Beauty Haul - Sydney Trip

15 Nov 2015

I promised to spill the deets on my Sydney trip purchases, and here's part one. My beauty product buys. The majority of what I bought was from Sephora but I also had my first visit to Lush which did not disappoint! There will be many more visits in the future. 

So here are 5 beauty products that I bought during my shopping trip to Sydney, with a quick mini review on each one. 

Blogging 101 - Font Style & Size

11 Nov 2015

Ages ago I sort of covered font styles and sizes in my Blogging 101 post, Template Design Basics. But that was more related to not having terrible font on a ridiculous background so that people can actually read what you are trying to say to them.

If you are a regular reader, more so on desktop than on your phone as the changes wouldn't have been as obvious. My blog's main body font style and size has changed and there are some pretty good reasons for that. 

Life Lately 8/11 + Sydney Trip

8 Nov 2015

Hooray! Last week was both Josh and my birthday weeks, and as we were both super excited. We took some annual leave from our jobs and went on a mini vacation to Sydney! Warning this post is filled with waay too many photos of outfits I wore over the past two weeks, all thrown at you at once. 

I'm keen to show you all a bunch of things that I got on my Sydney trip but not yet! That will be a separate post. For now I'm just super keen to get back into the swing of blogging after neglecting it, partly due to being disheartened about my domain name and partly because I have been playing Assassin's Creed Syndicates! It's great btw!

Social Media is a Lie

4 Nov 2015

The topic of the moment seems to be Essena, the 18 year old, internet famous girl from Brisbane, Australia. If you haven't watched it, Essena filmed a long emotional video about how she was quitting social media as it's all fake, it's a charade and it's taken over her life. While only making her miserable. 

The video was pretty confronting, and as someone who is trying to break into the online world of blogging and social media, it made me sit back and think for a good while.
But the more I thought about points that she mentioned, the more I realised whether I agreed or disagreed with certain parts. 

I had never heard of, or seen Essena on social media before. Obviously there are a lot of people online to come across, and many people can be instafamous without you having see them. Essena is said to have had 500k+ followers on instagram (before she deleted) and was being paid to advertise products through her photos, as well as scoring a modelling contract through her popularity.

Firstly from what I can gather, Essena got into instagram and general social media outlets as she had incredibly low self esteem. She didn't value or love herself, and she didn't have much confidence in her appearance or general life. She speaks about being only 12 years old and comparing herself to online celebrities, and truly believing that one day, if she were to be famous and well known on social media. Then she would be happy, be loved and truly value herself.

I don't participate in social media and instagram in order to validate myself and my self worth. It's not why I started and it's not where I'm heading. I enjoy taking photos on my iPhone and editing them with various apps like Afterlight and VSCO Cam. I enjoy when I get a pretty shot and can upload it. 

At the same time though, "Comparison is the thief of all joy." And Instagram is one of the most comparative social media outlets that there is. Even as I like taking photos and uploading them, there's no denying that I feel like my images aren't as good as other peoples, and perhaps I'm not as good as them either. That my outfits will never be trendy enough, my hair and makeup will never be perfect, and neither will my body. 

Essena speaks about becoming obsessed with taking the perfect photo. Spending hours taking hundreds of shots for a single upload. While I can see that this is unhealthy and obsessive behaviour generally. If you're a big enough social media personality, then those hours used and those shots are all a part of the job, the business. You're spending that time styling the products given to you, and designing the perfect shot that you are likely getting paid to do. It's called a day job. Sometimes working a lot can get you down. 

Essena sounded like in the end she could no longer distinguish taking photos for work, from taking photos of her everyday "life". Every single photo ended up being faked and posed. So that when she looked through her insta feed, she saw the perfect life but realised she wasn't living it. 

A lot of famous social media personalities are commenting their own opinions on the topic that are interesting  to read. Most claiming that Essena seemed deeply unhappy before social media as well. Which is definitely seems that way after watching her video. 

Overall isn't it depressing to think your favourite and seemingly happy bloggers, instagrammers and youtubes are actually super unhappy? I certainly hope they're all alright.

Cya! xx
Have you watched? What do you think? Do you think it was all just a publicity stunt?

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